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The shutdown has come to my door.
I received my February EBT allotment already. That is the last of my credit for food until further notice.

I've felt mentally and emotionally under attack by this administration since before he got put in office..
Donald Trump
Mitch McConnell
have directly affected my physical being. I'm sorry.. but Top Ramen everyday brings not only physical hunger, but is shit on your health, especially when you're older.

Fucking bastards...

True story bro. Although, history is today in the case of MAGA hats. Hopefully, we can stop the MAGAotts before they level the kind of genocide the Nazis brought upon the world.
History will view MAGA hats the same way that it views swastika armbands

Well, no shit. They are lying sacks of shit freeloading off the commons.
After Net Neutrality repeal, Comcast, Charter and Verizon cut investment in their networks -via Flynx
After Net Neutrality repeal, Comcast, Charter and Verizon cut investment in their networks

Okay - this is a REPUBLICAN strategist absolutely rekking Miller and by way of Miller, Trump.

This quote had me on the floor: “We have The Shart of the Deal every day, where this thing goes crazy and off the rails every time Trump speaks about it, it gets less likely he’s going to get what he wants,” Wilson said.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson went to an uncomfortable place when he zinged senior Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller by implying that Miller has not had relations with a living human woman.

During a panel discussion of Donald Trump‘s offer to end his own shutdown on Tuesday night’s edition of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, host Chris Hayes noted Miller’s influence, and essentially called him a white nationalist in the most polite fashion imaginable.

“There’s, to me, the pernicious fingerprints of Stephen Miller on this in the way that he is opposed — he wants to reduce immigration, unauthorized, authorized, legal, in every possible way, because... Show more...

The Unbelievable Story Of The Plot Against George Soros

❝ How two Jewish American political consultants helped create the world’s largest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. ❞

Gay valedictorian banned from speaking at Covington graduation 'not surprised' by D.C. controversy

Video of white students from #CovingtonCathol
... Show more...

This was never just about one teenaged boy and one old man.

From Vox: "The MAGA-wearing-hat-teens vs. peaceful Native American elder image is an easy one to create a narrative around, perhaps too quickly, but those MAGA hats also come with a lot of baggage: the hats have become a symbol not only of su
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“...But Pelosi knows that the alternative to Democratic compromise isn’t necessarily paralysis. It may be Democratic triumph. Trump, like Bush, has picked a fight that is popular with conservatives but unpopular with the public at large. Most Americans don’t think there’s a border cris
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via +Valkyrie
feminist next door on Twitter:

❝ If you’re getting whiplash from the amount of spin being placed on the Covington Catholic boys, remember that this is how privilege (and in accordance, rape culture) works. It’s formulaic. I could have predicted the arc from the moment the s
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Yeah - the excessive force lawsuits are fucking them up.

And I guess storage costs can add up.

The issue is less the price of the equipment—which can be partially subsidized by the Justice Department—than the costs of storing thousands of hours of footage.

If Google or Facebook or Amazon wanted to win some points for civic mindedness - they could offer to host the footage in their clouds.

via +Jesus Christ ... Show more...

Headshot after headshot. Slaying the GOP at their own framing games. What the Dems don't understand is that part of why they lose so often is that people don't feel like their elected politicians are fighting for them.

The GOP fools their folks into thinking they are fighting for them with strong words and in simple sound bites. This is how you get a message across. ... Show more...

Signal boost. See comments on OP. Google needs some feedback.
Google deployed Captcha solution that prevents the G+ exporter tool to do its work.

Please, send feedback to Google if you are affected by this. You can follow +Edward Morbius recommendation from the comment below. Thank you!

We're working on a solution.

Tennessee state Rep. Antonio Parkinson (D)

With Democrats like these in the state house, who needs Republicans. JFC TN Dems, WTF. #Tennessee #Dresscode #schools #Education #Parents #

Well, you got to remember, that TN is the world headquarters for at least 2 "Holiness" Christian sects that think women wearing pants is sexually suggestive.

It's awful odd for people to think girls in pants is sexually suggestive when it is sexually prohibitive since wearing pants covers the genitals and makes it harder to rape. Go figure...

These damaged people think it shows a woman's shape too much. And they really aren't big on making sense.

I say to them, anyone not capable of keeping themselves under control so as to not harm another are violating the very tenets they claim to live their lives on.
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A brief moment of clarity for one of the most insane people I've seen on TV news.
"YOU AUTHORED THAT EPITAPH, JULI".. ah but you know that already. 😑
NBC News: Rudy Giuliani says he's 'afraid' his epitaph will say he 'lied for Trump'.