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“The reason we focused on Facebook, and not Google or any of the other tracking companies, is because the very fact that apps – like a period tracker or an LED flashlight [app]– share data with Facebook will come as a surprise to many people. And, especially for those who have made a conscious decision not to be on Facebook,” said Frederike Kaltheuner, researcher with Privacy International, during her talk on Saturday.
How Facebook Tracks Non-Users via Android Apps
#Hacks #Malware #Vulnerabilities #WebSecurity #MobileSecurity #Privacy #35C3 #Facebook #FacebookSDK #PrivacyInternational

Glad I don't use FB or any Android apps...

What is it about trucks that attract assholes? Do all these small dicked, one ball having cretins feel more manly about having a truck and shitting on other people? #Tesla #TeslaSupercharger #ICE-ing #Protests #RollingCoal #BITranspo #BISelect

They drive trucks because they keep getting kicked out by their girlfriends. Makes moving easier.

This stupid motherfucker allows his cabinet members to waste millions on personal travel and idiotic furniture she pay raise for cronies but shits on middle class career civil servants?

I bet he treats his other employees this way. Hope they shit in his meals and ass-wipe his clothing and bedding. What a piece of nasty odiferous shit.

The strongest argument against #DRM is the weak-ass arguments in favor of it.

#Piracy is not about being entitled to enjoy the works of others for free. It's about punishing those who damage our culture by seeking to expand #copyright well beyond its original intent. The more we can do to take money out of the pockets of those people, the better.

So if it has #DRM, pirate away. If you can get it legally without DRM, please pay. (Except scientific papers but that's another story.)

As an advocate of intellectual property rights, I totally disagree with supporting piracy.

"Religion works exactly like a drug—like cocaine, or methamphetamine—or like music, or like romantic love," says Jeffrey Anderson, a radiology professor at the University of Utah who studies religion in the brain. "All of those experiences on some level tap into rewards. The physiology is really the same."

”Hevelius’s father expected him to become a businessman in the family trade of brewing, and at age 19 he went to study law at the University of Leiden. He returned to Gdańsk in 1634 and became a merchant, eventually entering public service as a city councilor and then mayor. But Peter Krüger, a teacher who had introduced Hevelius to astronomy, reignited a celestial longing in the young man. On his deathbed, Krüger encouraged Hevelius to devote his life to astronomy—words that sparked an illustrious career.” #moon #maps #first #astronomer #observatory #danzig #johanneshevelius #edmondhalley #roberthooke #johnflamsteed

Data suggests that Americans make easy targets for Russian trolls––we are nine times more susceptible to Russian propaganda than Russians themselves!
Psychology Today suggests a few possible solutions to that. The most likely, the author suggests, is…
Why Americans make easy prey for Russian trolls

+Lesley Wilson on the OP commented:
The best quote about Trump's pre-election coverage that I've read is this: Trump was covered like a celebrity; Clinton was covered like a presidential candidate.

so true

Russia picked Donald Trump and ran him for president, former Israeli intelligence officer says #russia #picked #donald #trump #and #ran #him #president #former #israeli #intelligence #officer

Dishonest headline reflecting a baseless statement made regarding an ineffective campaign launched by inconsequential elements of the Russian society. You leftist beta males are so desperate that you've lost all connection to reality.

Leftists never use any kind of logic or common sense so it's like debating with a monkey.

The den has been straightened a few times today and now it is a wreck again. Rainy days during winter break makes for a mad house.

Earlier in the day, Super Smash Bros spilled out from the game console and into our den.

What happened? This is as near as I can make out: older bro sat on younger bro's head and then the younger bit down like a gator on the older's ass cheek and now the younger bro has a black eye and the older bro has a bite mark shaped bruise on his butt.

Screen time ended up being lost. And people went to a quiet place to reflect on why we don't smash our Bros in RL.

It's cold and rainy here and people had cabin fever. When I got home from work I was surprised to see that S hadn't sold them off to the merchant Marines - where, incidently, she learned to cuss like, you guessed it, a sailor.

"It'll be nice to take some time off and stay home with the boys," she said.

I get home and she looks like she was run over by a pack of wild dogs running with a gang of feral free range chickens.

That's my kind of crazy. Wish I had... show more

Fun Fact
no connections with Russia at all


Tom Arnold is right about Mark Burnett doing something awful by propping up Trump, a serial sex predator, as a tv host with a false persona playing himself.

Did you know that the show before his was a deal with Vladimir Putin?

It was.