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I've predicted that Trump will begin to use ICE as his Gestapo

#AlanDershowitz #Crime #JeffreyEpstein #sextrafficking

A hipster complained to a tech mag for using his photo in an article that said hipsters look alike. Turned out to be a photo of an entirely different hipster. #Mit

It is clear that fake news has reached epic propaganda levels. As with any other fake news, the people pushing this malicious and evil agenda are doing it for either profit, or power.

Given that we cannot shout fire in a crowded cinema without legal repercussions, it is obvious that a line can be dr
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holy fuck - I still have mr jingles on my Gmail - afraid to refresh the page - it's like not wanting to erase that voicemail of someone that's exited your life against your will. Don't go Mr. Jingles! Don't Go ...

The new truth I'm going to live by: DIAGONAL

Sounds like paid family leave for new mothers and fathers makes more economic sense than short sighted bean counters care to admit.

As well as socialized child care and pre-k. And single payer universal healthcare would also assist in maintaining the numbers needed for a working population. ... show more

I need to sleep more
Sleep. You know you need it. Yet most of us feel we can function well without it. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause us to function so badly that it is like you are drunk.

Now this study shows that your nerve cells, the neurons, actually undergo repairs while you sleep. Other studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to more DNA damage in doctors. #Genetics #Science #Sleep #Biology

When Trump won the GOP nomination, I predicted it was going to ruin him and his businesses. So far, this hasn't happened. Maybe it's just going to take longer than I thought. It can't happen fast enough. #Aon #TrumpOrganization #DonaldTrump #NewYork #USPolitics