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Wondering if this person lives in the South.


I've been nearly thrown out of a restaurant asking if they could change the channel from Fox.

In another situation during Dubya's human garbage fire of a presidency, I made the mistake of asking the waitress if they had french fries because I thought that the freedom fries on the menu would give me indigestion.

She abruptly walked away from the table and a few minutes later, the manager and the cook came out to my table with their chests pulled out aggressively forward asking me why I hated America and if I had a problem.

I responded that I have a number of problems but hating America wasn't one of them. "I love America," I said, "I just hate freedom fries. Mostly because I think the name is stupid but also because you misspelled fries and anyone dumb enough print up new menus to change the name of french fries probably cooks food about as well as you spell."

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