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#NationalEmergencydeclaration #borderwall #DonaldTrump #

Good #Washingtonstate #Measles #anti-vaccination #MMR #CenterforDiseaseControl #

He wrote that he had been making more than $42,500 a month and yet this anti tax asshole stole a $70 chair? #LocalNews #Crime #LocalPolitics

I'm thinking Trump's tweets kill more people

Imagine, a deplorable doing something deplorable

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Contacts, Circles and AboutMe

The Classic Google Contacts UI was retired on 12-Feb. The new interface no longer displays Circles. But it does display data from AboutMe if the contact info has a link to the G+Profile URL. Along with this, VCF import of Takeout.C
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The power of the drill in this hacksaw is an excellent substitute for your own elbow grease.

If you’re cutting metal in the workshop, you’re likely using a table-mounted cutoff saw, or perhaps a bandsaw for finer work. The power hacksaw is an unwieldy contraption that looks and feels very old fashioned in its operation. Despite the drawbacks…

Playboy does right by BHM: Spread on hidden Queer figure #BaynardRustin Civil Rights Pioneer

Still a Brother Outsider? Queering the Civil Rights Moveme
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Iceland Set To Make Major Changes To Law Affecting Trans, Intersex And Non-Binary People

Google+ seems to be throwing intermittent HTTP 500 errors as of Friday 15 February 2019

It's not just you.

Seems to come and go.

This would be a good time to assure you have a good out-of-band channel for information and discussion, such as #PlexodusReddit. #reddit #redditcom #vote #comment #submit

About that whole anti Semitic thing..,,,,

Bernie Sanders Called Ilhan Omar to Offer His Support Amid Anti-Semitism Controversy -via Flynx #BernieSanders #IlhanOmar

Snippet: After his speech, Bregman realized he hit a nerve. “The response from the audience was really aggressive,” Bregman says. “That was the first time that I noticed that maybe I should start talking about that issue, because that’s what they didn’t like.” #earth