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Bernie Sanders Called Ilhan Omar to Offer His Support Amid Anti-Semitism Controversy -via Flynx #BernieSanders #IlhanOmar

This is annoying - I read her comments and they didn't seem anti-Semitic. They seemed simply critical of Israel's foreign policy and lobbying efforts in the United States.

Perfectly valid. Once you apologize for something you didn't do, it subtly weakens your moral authority in the minds of many people that support you.

In my ethical framework, fake apologies are nearly always wrong, both morally, strategically and in terms of efficacy.

One has a moral duty to themselves to be as effective in their own endeavors as possible. Fake apologies ring inauthentic.

Unless lives are at stake, stay away from fake apologies.

Any Democrats urging her to apologize are working against their own inZterests. Shit like this adds up to losses for the Democrats.

At least in my less than expert opinion. Obviously, I'm not a paid political consultant (they gets paid no matter who wins or loses,) I'm just a student of human communication, personal ethics and my own feelings about things. A random dude on the Internet running my mouth.

Anyone disagree with... show more