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During her questioning of President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) suggested that Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) bringing a black woman who used to work for Trump to combat claims that the President is racist was itself racist.

Mr. Meadows is a racist snowflake. #politics #HeateddebateoverracismengulfsCohenhearing-CNNVideo

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Christian Child Trafficking
Report: Missing Migrant Children Being Funneled Through Christian Adoption Agency

Progressive Secular Humanist: Report: Missing Migrant Children Being Funneled Through Christian Adoption Agency | Michael Stone (Michael Stone)

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What? Is this from the National Enquirer Magazine? Sounds too ludicrously evil to be true.

So what. #politics #ElizabethWarrensNativeAmericanproblemjustgotevenworse-CNNPolitics

Also, people that care about integrity will vote for her. If they vote for Trump, there's nothing we can do to change their minds. We get people excited and to the polls we can win. Given gerrymandering and the electoral college, it'll be a challenge but I dont think her integrity will be the problem

Make no mistake, while I am not a huge Warren fan, I will vote for the Democratic nominee. But it is not likely I will vote for her in the primary given others who have announced. I have not made a decision as it is far too soon to do so. My opinion of her is based on her record including being a Republican until her mid-40's not so long ago.
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^None of those who have announced are perfect. Nobody is perfect.

How can you not read an article that starts out:

It’s hard to know where to begin with QAnon. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it is an online movement (of sorts) that appears to be the final form of extremely online reactionary conspiracy mongers, birthed from the loins of the #pizzagate pandemonium. The basic idea is that pretty much everyone in positions of power in the government (except President Donald Trump, of course) and the media is a pedophile and child-eating cannibal, and that “Q,” the group’s omniscient and anonymous leader, is part of a resistance group within the deep state who is working to bring all of these criminals to justice, or Gitmo. And despite the fact that the whole thing began on 4chan, Q’s followers often appear to be elderly and unemployed. While their stated goal is to bring down the evil childgobblers of the government and media, it seems that QAnon has done far greater damage to its devotees than... show more

It's pretty sad that the deputy AG of the US had to protect a legal investigation from his own party's sitting US President. He's literally protecting the rule of law from the illegal actions of the chief executive of the US. I really don't understand why Trump still has his job, much less his head (metaphorically speaking of course.)

> The deputy attorney general has become a household name given his management of Mueller's work and has signaled to other officials that he would leave when he was satisfied that Mueller's investigation was either complete or close enough to completion that it was protected. #politics #Rosenstein #whopickedMueller #planstoleaveJusticeDeptshortlyafterBarrconfirmed-CNNPolitics

Very sad to hear that Rosenstein is leaving. He was a valuable and patriotic ally in an incompetent and immoral administration. Based on the quote you included, I hope we can indeed infer that Mueller's investigation is "either complete or close enough to completion" to be protected without Rosenstein.

One important side implication here is that Rosenstein expects the report from Mueller to be completed before a new AG is confirmed.

Massachusetts has had very few problems since legalizing the stuff. Almost none that I am aware of.

Methinks he has skull spurs.

Let me get this straight : it's OK to denounce the Vietnam war and run to Canada like a coward but staying in the United States and finding another way out of the Draft is not.

The Republicans that are pushing to break the law by officiating public prayer as part of any official business may have ulterior motives in addition to pushing their ideology upon others.

By breaking the law, and incurring almost certain legal battles, they will leech money from the school system and a weakened public school system is a major part of their vampiric plan.

Shitty public school performance leads to things like publicly funded religious schools through school vouchers.

They despise other people getting public assistance but they won't blink a splinter filled eye at welfare for their religious agenda.
So a Christian who’s too ignorant to understand the law argued that new board members should subject the district to potential lawsuits by using their meetings to advertise his personal faith.

North Carolina. Because of course it is.
Ex-School Board Member Cites Anti-Atheist Law to Justify Christian Invocations
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