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As we all exit this sinking (social media) luxury liner and climb aboard our respective lifeboats, I've set up a few weigh stations where you can find me (not sure why you'd want to but that's an entirely different post.)

Where to find me:


A note about MeWe:
I have an account there but I strongly believe that the founder and the company as a whole are providing unchecked infrastructure for ethnostate nationalist, fascists (in general), Nazis (specifically) and other grossly destructive groups like Proud Boys and Trumpist as well as state-sponsored bot & sock puppet farms.

As such, I am not engaged and will likely delete my account at some point.

As of less than a month ago, MeWe didn't even have a category in their reporting tool for hate speech nor sexual harassment. This is a deliberate... show more

I agree with you of course. But on one point, we have to acknowledge many new users (that I know are socialists) are unwittingly facilitating the spread of hate because they don't see it and don't want to believe it (moving somewhere else is hard for non-technical users who follow their friends). All commercial private centralized social networks rely on getting these types of users hooked and drawn inside the cage unfortunately.

Google+ Mass Migration short FAQ

Q: When is Google+ shutting down?

A: April of 2019. Four months earlier than originally announced.

March 7, 2019
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