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He's always had a conservative streak. He sees it as being "sensible" and a world weary insight. It's just well groomed cruelty. Looks like his conservative nature is dragging down his work as a comic. I remember similarly how this happened to Dennis Miller.

I think David Letterman is an example of a comic with a similar jaded world weariness that has maintained his humanity. Letterman remains down to earth without being mean spirited towards those advocating for progress.

He may even make fun but it is in jest, not cruelty. At least that's what it looks like to me.

Listening to this bit, I'm now less surprised by Louis C.K.'s inappropriate jacking off in front of people that weren't willing participants.

I wonder how much of his backlash towards social justice activists is resentment at his getting called out?

I am disappointed in Louis C.K.'s latest bit, but not surprised. ... show more