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This isn't really practical advice.

I agree with the fuck Facebook/WhatsApp solution. Dig that WhatsApp's co-founder urged everyone to delete Facebook.

Imagine getting Grandma and Grandpa to install Signal and use it. It's hard enough to get them to txt rather than call.

Before you shrug and say, “But I’m already on WhatsApp,” consider this: WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which just had a terrible year marked by an unending barrage of data privacy scandals. And, WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum split ways with Facebook earlier this year following internal disputes over Facebook’s reported attempt to weaken encryption and use the app’s personal data. The app’s other co-founder Brian Acton also urged everyone to delete Facebook back in March. Signal doesn’t collect any sensitive data at all.

Are there downsides to Signal? Sure—the main hurdle is that you need to get everyone you text with to use it as well, which is admittedly a gia... show more

These folks need to be fired
Is your idiot on the list? Vote that fuckweasel out of office!

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