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Skyrim v/s opensim

While blipping around youtube and the web I came across again the skyrim horses, and a video on horse mods

Watching the video was interesting, they didn't show how to do the mods but show how the results. The interesting thing is watching the movement and environment, it looks a lot like a super high quality opensim in everything from shadows and textures, camera and sounds.

Naturally the thought comes to mind of why don't we have this in opensim and have it work fast etc as it shows in the youtube videos!
I don't know anything about it but I assume it's a PC game, if so then it's running everything on the PC using whatever sofware and assets it uses to do so, that seems similar to running opensim locally with a mySQL database and the OARS and IARS.

Im guessing you cant modify thing in-game like we do in-world in opensim with build tools, so maybe you can't change the plants, landscape, buildings etc on the fly like we do.




Hyacyth posted this on her grid page;

I beleive that Firestorm viewer is having issues. It started happening last night on another grid that I do work for. Firestorm (any version) will crash immediately upon login, or just hang.. I was able to log in with Singularity viewer fine.
NOW THE SAME IS HAPPENING HERE! ARGGH! ... I beleive it is related to Viviox Voice being down.
In the mean time, I suggest downloading Singularity viewer. It may be a while before we can get this issue resolved.

Wow, if that's what it is, hard to imagine the Firestorm viewer is that dependent on vivox that it crashes and burns if vivox's voice server is down!
All the more reason to instigate a non vivox voice alternative.
Could be certain versions I don't know, I dont use FS
Someone I know got an update from Vivox supposedly server problems have been determined and they are upgrading infrastructure to handle it by mid week. We shall see. But the 083 dev plus version running connected to Metro and the 0821 version running on the Depot grid are not crashing due to Vivox being down with both FS and Alchemy. So there must be a different issue for Hyacinth in the way her regions are using Vivox (she is also on her own version of 0.9.x I believe).
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