Better Friendica Documentation Needed, e.g. Glossary and FAQ

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Adam friendica
Heya - you can only post to one forum at a time, and the system chose iSurf Support.

I would recommend making the post to Friendica Support, as the developers are in there.

Glad to see the interest!

L Murphy friendica

Hey - nice kitties you've got there!

@L Murphy Hello. I like your profile image.

L Murphy friendica
!iSurf Support I created my account today. I have attempted several times to change my password, but it says "login failed" and then "password unchanged"

Is there a page I could view to verify if I'm doing it correctly?
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Anubis2814 friendica
I still can't use firefox for this. I've deleted cookies and cleared cashe.
L Murphy friendica
On my Android phone, I got this error too.
L Murphy friendica
What's really interesting is that
Android LibreFriends actually succeeded in changing my password. So go figure...
Anubis2814 friendica
Wow. I didn't realize people actually used that app. I made it using kodular as a hobbyist learning how to use the app making program for another project that it didn't turn out to work for. Not a programmer by trade. Pin to home might work just as well but I keep it up there because its not hurting anything. Glad some people like it.
L Murphy friendica
I just changed 3 stars to 4 stars. Im curious why your app gave the same messages but then actually changed my password. Guess there's kinks in almost all software.
Anubis2814 friendica
Yeah, it glitches at times with the friendica software in general. Like I said, I can't log in via firefox at the moment, have to use chrome on desktop or my app on the phone. And I'll have it say it doesn't do something in all browsers but it actually did.
L Murphy friendica
Does it let me have more than one instance item at the same time? I have a single- user instance on a shared web host server, been playing around with that. Would be nice to have them both open at the same time, like subway Tooter for Mastodon.
Anubis2814 friendica
No sadly but I did make two other that are essentially the same. Pixelfeed for pixelfed and Libretube for peertube but they will literally work for any type of fediverse instance
Anubis2814 friendica
Also been looking into the other apps myself, ranking them. Will probably make a peertube review on them. One thing none of the other apps can do is save to specific saved folders which is why my app is still the best one for me.

L Murphy friendica

worker.php fails to run when called from Cron job

!Friendica Developers

I have a work around which does not involve changing Friendica php code. It is a change to the instructions of setting up the cron job.

I changed my cron job to this:
*/5 * * * * ./
cd ~/

# Set PATH shell variable, copied from Terminal,
# putting /usr/local/bin ahead of /usr/bin
PATH=(the path from Terminal)

# Set PATH env variable so that child processes will inherit the correct php
export PATH=$PATH
php bin/worker.php

( is my personal server which I've uninstalled and reinstalled since yesterday. )
I learned that Shell variables are not the same as environment variables. The PATH= command sets the local shell variable. The "export" command sets PATH in the environment.

I don't know if there are any other assumptions the Friendica code is making about the environment. Assumptions which are valid for ssh and Terminal, but which would not be valid for cron jobs.

I hope note, but I'll let you know if I find anything.
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