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Retiring this account

Due to IHTMOAS (I have too many accounts online syndrome ;) ) I will be retiring this friendica account. I just haven't been logging into it due to my lack of ability to attend most of my accounts outside of a couple, and for stability reasons related to my instance. Feel free to follow me elsewhere!

Mastodon -
Diaspora -
Pixelfed if you like doggos -
It's interesting - can't connect to you on Diaspora via the URI you posted, but using this format it works:

Thanks for the heads up!


Hubzilla People

Hey Hubzilla People,

Those of you who use it - would you tell me what you enjoy? If you're an #admin of your own instance, tell me, how have you enjoyed maintaining it so far?
#admin hubzilla


Bitcoin ranting and wondering

I wrote a very long winded Diaspora post regarding bitcoin and the blockchain. Since posting it, I've manged to gain a bit of perspective from various comments across both the federated and fediverse networks. Just a quick link here for people watching me on #friendica
#friendica bitcoin blockchain corruption currency decentralization greed
Fiat currencies derive value from the government, in the sense that they demand taxes via those terms, pay their employees in the same, and enforce legal tender on it, thus they don't require intrinsic worth to backstop their market value. So long as the government is able to enforce those terms and is solvent, it has a base value to the countries populace, so it is not quite just a shared confidence that props it up. This is something to keep in mind with base metals also, i.e. the gold or silver standards are real-word tangible items but if the world collapsed, their actual useful value would be limited (unlike say a cow or sheep), or in todays world, are eclipsed by more functional and inelastic commodities such as oil and copper.

Bitcoins (or blockchain) currencies do not have anyone forcing a worth, aside from market forces, which is currently driven by speculation (the by-effect of a low-interest rate world..). As an actual currency, I doubt its value and the wild swings are a pretty good indicator that the market has yet agree on an actual value as well. If it were stab... Show more...


Diaspora vs Friendica

In my exploring facebookalikes, I'm mostly looking at Diaspora vs Friendica. In an effort to keep my federated spam down, I will simply link my diaspora perma links here for anyone who's actively paying attention to me on this (friendica) account.

Yesterday's Post:
diaspora friendica
I appreciate your write-ups and I think it's pretty interesting that you've had more engagement on the D* side of things. I believe there's probably a few reasons for that, even though the systems are federated... I believe a big one is that there certainly are more users currently on Diaspora*, and when you are on a Friendica system and start sharing something with new hashtags, it can take a short while before that content starts to show up in the global feed, and likely propogate out via the public relays.

I enjoyed a fair bit of what appears to be some of the polishing of Diaspora*, but I ultimately decided to go with & stick with Friendica because of the feature shortcomings there. There's certainly some polish work that needs to be done on the Friendica side, and what I"ve seen over the past couple of months is very encouraging. The dev group is very open and engaged. I got about the opposite feeling on the D* side of things.

Look forward to hearing more!

Oh, last but not least - yes, the speed/responsiveness issue is a thing. Major DB rewrite-work is in the plans. In the meantime, I keep an eye on things and keep working on what I can do to squeeze the most out of my vserver.