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Facebook to stop stalking you off-site - but only if asked

Facebook to stop stalking you off-site - but only if asked
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I have posted this to Linkedin and commented just dump facebook and provided a link to, not that anyone will take note. I really don't like the fasct that even though I don't use facebook, they are tracking me, it is wrong, creepy and borders on voyeurism.


Moorelands Camp 2019 Session 5 Photos

Flashback to Session 5 at Moorelands Camp 2019! Check out the pics below to relive all the fun and see our campers exploring new skills and activities!

But before you do…don’t forget to register for the Festi-fall on October 19th!

Plus, campers! Share your favourite memory from camp and what you learned and be in a chance to win cool prizes with the Camper Story Contest 2019…

Learn more and enter!

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Green New Deal Comparison Chart

Yeah. I prefer the Green Party version.





Sorry about quality, it seems this was produced in MS Word, so due to the odd standard it uses, opening in Libreoffice makes it difficult. You would think people would be using odf by now eh.

I had to open in Libreoffice and then take a screen shot to include here.
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Parkfield, Paignton




A Cycle of Renewal, Broken: How Big Tech and Big Media Abuse Copyright Law to Slay Competition

As long we've had electronic mass media, audiences and creators have benefited from periods of technological upheaval that force old gatekeepers to compete with brash newcomers with new ideas about what constitutes acceptable culture and art. Those newcomers eventual
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Brexit: Freedom of movement 'will end' says the government

Brexit: Freedom of movement 'will end' says the government

Good grief! It wasn't that long ago when they said it would not end, we didn't vote to end freedom of movement, I voted for other reasons, freedom of movement is important to bring people in with the right skills to fill jobs, as well as meet our humanitarian obligations. There is a shortage if skilled workers due to successive governments failure to prepare people for the modern world.

If we stop freedom of movement in to the Uk the EU will probably just reciprocate accordingly. If we allow free movement the EU will I am sure do the same.
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How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens

How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens

"Mr Rademacher says it's important teachers keep in mind that parents can get defensive too if their children are shamed. "Emailing a parent and saying I think your kid is going to be a white nationalist - that's irresponsible."

But many parents are worried about what their children have access to online."

Perhaps the US needs something like the prevent strategy in the Uk< I can understand how that could perhaps conflict with the first amendment, but if a person is showing signs that they may do harm, (to others and self) then surely someone should be able to step in.

Related uk links
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King's Cross investor seeks facial recognition answers

King's Cross investor seeks facial recognition answers

Sounds like a good positive step forward, answers are being demanded about the use of facial recognition. Tech use comes with accountability, the fightback has started to ensure that there will be rules in place to ensure the technology is used properly, responsibly and in an ethical way.
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Is it a brilliant new law enforcement tool helping keep public spaces safe from criminals and terrorists?

It is interesting that the reasons given are as above, how effective would this tool be if trying to find a missing person, child, adult, person with dementia or mental heath issues, who has gone missing.


New Video Demos “Linux on DeX” – Ubuntu Desktop Running on a Samsung Galaxy S10

I might have written about its availability a few times, but until today I had never actually seen Ubuntu 18.04 LTS running on a Samsung smartphone. Don’t panic, you haven’t missed any major announcements and […]

This post, New Video Demos “Linux on DeX” – Ubuntu Desktop Running on a Samsung Galaxy S10, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Great stuff.

Learning BASH 5

Following on from my previous post. I have now taken the menu code and added this to my Debian update script I have been using to help update my home system.

I have uploaded the resulting code to the my account on along with a the version for context.

I started developing version 2 on Replit, so again the project for this is here. You may need to use Chrome or Chromium to make this work in a browser.

Please feel free to discuss further via the forums or via twitter @zleap2018. You may also want to follow @replit.

You can also discuss further on

Hope this is useful and I can perhaps get help making the script a lot better. Perhaps adding the proper checking for root upon running.
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Well Bill is no longer in charge of microsofttheir stance on linux has apparently changed, some say they are more open towards MS, others are far less trusting of this and feel there is a hidden MS agenda. Which is what has happened before they embrace something before destroying it.

Bill is no longer in charge of microsoft
this is not really true though-- he no longer has the same title, he is still on the board and means about as much to microsoft as jobs meant to apple. nadella is a lapdog, so was ballmer. although ballmer had fleas.

slashdot was sold off in 2012 and again in 2016, so im guessing that somewhere along the line they lost the anti-microsoft culture.


There are plans for a simpler and fairer tax system we need corporates to pay their way the only way that will happen is when people wake up and boycott them for not only not payng heir fair share but also all the other privacy and rights violations they commit by abusing data.

The very people who are in poverty are probably using these networks and helping to contribute to their vast profits.


Woman is 'stabbed to death' in a home in Birmingham as man, 52, is arrested on suspicion of murder

Woman is 'stabbed to death' in a home in Birmingham as man, 52, is arrested on suspicion of murder

Another day, another stabbing, yesterday we had a police officer dragged to his death while investigating a burgulary and before that we had a person stabbed to death with a screwdriver possibly by teenagers (read children).

Meanwhile the government is on holiday and not dealing with any of this. When they get back parliament will be stopped by elections, votes and no confidence votes and other nonsense while we possibly install an anti-semetic socialist in to Number 10, for what is supposed to be a caretaker government, of course he won't exactly want to relinquish power so I hate to think what could happen.

Welcome to the Uk in 2019.

The Sex Pistols were ahead of their time, Anarchy in the Uk was a song that was 40 years too early. They could re-release and it would reflect Britain today.

The more all this goes on the more ashamed, I am to be British.
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Why some sites are irritating

Sometimes I just want to get on to a website, I am sick of popups and other nonsense that get in the way. A good example is this from Google.

If you want hassle free web search that respects your HUMAN RIGHT to privacy have a look at it is far better as has no tracking or advertising.
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Code Club 17/8/2019 – Write up

Another successful code club today. Going in to the library on Friday and sorting through all the resources really paid off, as they are now tidier and more organized. We had a new young person joining us, who also attended last weekends Tech Jam Nice to see people getting on really well. For me this is just as important as undertaking coding or other activities. I spent time with his dad too
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