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JULY 6 2019

3rd/4th Play-Offs

England 1-2 Sweden
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We are not quite there yet, we need to spend the next year raising our game, so we can compete with the best in the world (USA) we also need to be fitter, and better at taking penalties. Look back on this tournament as a real learning opportunity, be proud of what we have done, but we have got to do better next time.


JULY 3 2019


Netherlands 1-0 Sweden ( AET )
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Or delete data that should not be collected in the first place.

Buster – the new version of Raspbian

Amid all the furore about the release of a certain new piece of hardware, some people may have missed that we have also released a new version of Raspbian. While this is required for Raspberry Pi 4, we’ve always tried to maintain software backwards-compatibilit
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Just wondered if anyone had noticed that Finns (ep7) call sign FM 2 1 8 7 is actually the same number as the cell princess leia was in during A New Hope (ep4) Even though in that Han solo reads it as twenty one eight seven. I wonder if that is just a co-incidence or if there is actually a reason.


Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now from $35

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I need to figure out how to get javascript working on Firefox, sites such as are broken in Firefox but trying to figure out how to do this is impossible due to the number of versions and out of date instructions that don't marry up to exactly what I am using here.


I have updated some of my posts to include the teams who progressed through to the round of 16, will post scores etc in due course and keep the other posts updated.

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful, court rules

UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful, court rules

Seems reasonable to me, The UK needs to lead from the front, then it can at least tell others from the standpoint the Uk is making sure arms go to the right people for the right reason.
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Government error delays online pornography age-check scheme

Apparently we didn't notify the EU regulators of this, a process that can apparently take up to six months.

I wonder if we had implemented Brexit, when were meant to on 29th March, if we would have to even bother with this notification.

Not sure how these age checks are meant to work or even if they will work, but it is recognized we need to do something.
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Hugh Christie School asks for 'best looking' pupil votes

Hugh Christie School asks for 'best looking' pupil votes

More stupidity from a UK school. I really despair, we employ people who come up with things like this, without thinking of the effect it has on others.

Schools are meant to have a duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. Being downvoted because you how you look doesn't fit in with everyone else (which could happen here) is going to have a very negative effect on mental health.
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A Quick Look at GNOME Shell 3.34 Theme Improvements

The default GNOME Shell theme has been given a raft of improvements. GNOME’s design team has worked on bringing the shell theme back in sync with the default Adwaita GTK theme, which was dramatically revamped […]

This post, A Quick Look at GNOME Shell 3.34 Theme Improvements, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

This robotic fish is powered by its own artificial circulatory system

Hydraulically-actuated robots are nothing new, but normally they come with a battery or external supply of some sort.
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Friend requests error

I am getting friend requests which is fine, however I am unable to respond as when I click on the person who wants to be my friend, I get a gateway time out error (403 I think).

I am not ignoring these requests just having problems responding to them.

@Friendica Support
@Friendica Support #errors #friend #request #response

This may have begun after I enabled php slow request timeouts. I've adjusted the setting from 6s to 30s, please let me know if this helps.

I had been getting some stuck php-fpm processes lately, which started to drag the system down, which is where the new tuning (and perhaps too aggressive) tuning has come in to play.

The friendica software itself has been updated just now to the current -rc commit/fix level. So, I look forward to hearing further on this.

I have heard from another user that this issue was resolved with the changes, so I hope that's the case here too.

Yeah, 6 seconds timeout was way too low for anything that involves contacting a remote server.

I have the feeling I made the adjustment when fairly tired, as it really should have been 60 as my starting adjustment point. Not sure how 6 wound up being the thing that got saved! heh

Yes, I was able to see and approve the fellow in my screenshot above with the usual two clicks. Thanks!

@Adam Clark
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Great, thanks for confirming!



Carnival Cruises emits ten times more sulphur oxide than all of Europe’s cars

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