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So how do you differentiate between what a person is thinking and what a person actually wants to input in to a computer?

Don't just be a LibreOffice user – become a community member! There are many ways to get involved, including events, Bug Hunting Sessions, and much more. Check out our recap for activities in July:

Plymouth LUG meeting report – July 2019

With Café Fandom closed again, possibly for good, we regrouped at the Crown and Anchor on Southside Street. Topics included:
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The Key to Safety Online Is User Empowerment, Not Censorship

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing on “Protecting Digital Innocence.” The hearing covered a range of problems facing young people on the Internet today, with a focus on harm
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This Summer, Take Some Time to Stand Up for Net Neutrality

As we head into the August, Congress will be on recess and most of your senators and representatives will be heading back to their home states. That means it’ll be easier for you to reach out and talk to them or their staff and ask them to act on important legislation. Earlier this year, the
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Code Club August


Sat 3td August – Code Club

Sat 10th August – South Devon Tech Jam

Sat 17th August – Code Club

Sat 17th August – North Devon DCGLUG Meeting (Holsworthy)

Sat 24th August – Plymouth DCGLUG Meeting

South Devon CAS community

There is work underway to restart the South Devon Computing at School Community. Please see my personal blog post for more information.

Pinebook Pro Lap goes on pre-order for $199 with new twist: privacy switches

Pine64 has opened $199 pre-orders on its open-spec, 14-inch Pinebook Pro laptop, which runs Linux on a Rockchip RK3399 and features 3x privacy switches. The Rock64 Rev 3, PineTab tablet, PinePhone should follow shortly. As promised in a July 5 blog announcement, Pine64 has opened pre-orders for $199 on its 14-inch Pinebook Pro laptop, the […]

I am guessing the ARM CPUs don't have all the issues that are plaguing intel chips and would also guess these laptops don't have secure boot or the Intel management engine (or what ever it is called) which is cited as a privacy risk.

On a related note pine phone. Also looks pretty good, at last a phone I may actually consider if I had the money, no links to old fashioned social media such as facebook or other crappy spyware with any luck. :D

Meet Jade, a Desktop Environment for Linux Built Using Web Tech

Heard of the Jade desktop environment? I’ll admit that, until this week, I hadn’t — but I like what I see! The Jade desktop (the ‘Jade’ standing for ‘Just Another Desktop Environment’) is a Linux […]

This post, Meet Jade, a Desktop Environment for Linux Built Using Web Tech, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Shower monitor helps you save water and money

You (hopefully) take regular showers or baths, but how much water do you use each time you step into your facilities? If you don’t know the answer, then
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Russian intelligence 'targets Tor anonymous browser'

I decided to post this, not however due to the main headline but a paragraph within the article itself.

"Tor is an anonymous web browser, used by those wishing to access the dark web and avoid government surveillance."

While I am not on Tor, this definition implies a sinister reason to be on the network, this mentions nothing about corporate surveillance or people simply wanting to defend their right to privacy.

@The Tor Project
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Something tells me that the balance has tipped so far in terms of warming there is no going back. Targets to cut emissions by 2030 or 2040 are just too late.

The earth warming was apparently meant to happen over 100+ years, it seems it is happening a lot quicker than this, so the government need to act and not just do very little so they can pass the buck to the next generation.

SAMBA versus SMB: Adversarial Interoperability is Judo for Network Effects

Before there was Big Tech, there was "adversarial interoperability": when someone decides to compete with a dominant company by creating a product o
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I use Friendica because of privacy, data ownership (my data is mine) that makes it better than Facebook. This is the message we need to get across to people.

Why Should I Use DuckDuckGo Instead of Google?

This was posted to linked in, so I said that I would share here on Friendica. I also suggested the original poster joins the Fediverse so he can share further similar content.
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EFF Sues AT&T, Data Aggregators For Giving Bounty Hunters and Other Third Parties Access to Customers’ Real-Time Locations

Lawsuit Seeks Court Order Prohibiting Sale of Customer Location Data

SAN FRANCISCO — The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP filed a class action
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A good reason not to use instagram ( Bianca Devins murder images flood Instagram )

Bianca Devins murder images flood Instagram

We need social media regulation NOW, Who are the people sharing these images?, hand over their data and prosecute them.

Virgin Media probes why it blocked giant Gif site Imgur

So they block imgur, due to alegations of hosting child abuse images, where as Facebook etc are known for it, why not block Facebook and Instagram.
#17 #bbc #child #girl #images #instagram #news #tech #victim murder

It's an interesting conundrum, though I think one that needs some serious attention - how do you manage people's illegal behaviour online in any sort of effective manner? I am appalled with how people are finding it A-OK to utter death threats online, and generally aren't facing any real repercussions, even when they post under real names. It's not legal here in Canada, yet all one hears about is "trying to get their accounts shut down".

I dunno, I think there needs to be some balls put in to the laws to catch up with the ignoramuses who believe that because they punched it in to their keyboard, it's fine.

Nobody took me seriously years ago when I was suggesting people should be licensed to get online. ;-)

I agree, here in the UK we have various laws that cover things like misuse of telecommunications. We need to enforce existing laws fully and make amendments so the law keeps up with technology.

Tech companies know who these people are and could help but won't citing human rights or the first amendment or ironically privacy.

We have a problems in the Uk, knife crime, attacks on emergency services and nothing happens that sends a clear message to say it won't be tolerated, so unless that happens it is a free for all, as you know you can get away with it.

I like the comment about being "licensed to get online." good idea, maybe people need an IQ test first, anyone sharing a pic of a dead child with their throat slit really needs their head looking at.

South Devon Tech Jam – July 2019 Write Up

A productive jam today, Paul and Ryan were working on trying to troubleshoot a few networking issues.

The AIY Voice kit hardware is now built so we should have an update on that at the next meeting on 10th August.

I ran through the Debian presentation that I created, it needs a little modification for different audiences.

Various technical and non technical discussions also took place.

Next Jam is 10th August, where we should hopefully be getting a visit from Jayne from NRS healthcare.
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Just sharing with @South Devon Tech Jam and @Devon & Cornwall GNU / Linux user group