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Your town, your voice

As you may know we're considering creating town councils across the rest of Torbay (Brixham already has a town council).

Across the country town councils play a big part in promoting real community engagement and effective government at the most local level. They're protecting local services that matter to local communities and we want to know your thoughts on how working together can protect your local services - services that we won't be able to provide in the future.

This consultation will be running for 6 weeks, from Monday 2 September 2019, and during this time we'll be sharing lots of information with you. We'll be doing this in a number of ways, including social media posts, your questions answered in our Torbay Questions (TQs) Facebook Live Panels and roadshows in each town. All of this information is to help you explore and understand what town councils really mean for you and your community.

When the consultation's open you'll be able to find it here: When you feel you hav... show more
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I don't exactly support the idea of 'dominating space' space belongs to everyone, if we are to defend the earth it should be from external threats such as asteroids or other objects that are on a collision course.

This attitude that we humans are somehow here to do what we want, destroy or dominate what we want strikes of the old fashioned colonialism attitude from ancient history, too many want to cling on to the idea we are entitled to what we want.


Buzz lightyear for President 2020


I think someone at the BBC needs to rename this to perhaps North America Major League Soccer. Not too sure if those in Canada will appreciate people thinking that Montreal and Vancouver are in the USA.

United States Major League Soccer

Montreal Impact2Vancouver Whitecaps FC

I think it is just called Major League Soccer (MLS) anyway.
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Just for the record:
The announced "Privacy Switches" are only key combinations like with Fn keys. Nothing wrong with that, but in my understanding, "privacy switches" would be hardware switches. What Pine64 delivers here is software-based.


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Live on BBC2 From 18:15 kick off 18:30

Kick off in 10 mins, so will be back later or will try and give some in-game updates. #womens, #soccer

2 hours in a Brexit free zone.

Saturday 09 Nov 2019
17:30 BST
A Women's International
England England
Germany Germany

If I visit North America on Vacation I will head to Canada :)

gdpr will help a bit, as a bandaid it is a really good one! it is still a bandaid-- they will work around it.

5 Percent of global turnover is probably petty cash to facebook, they don't care, and politicians don't have the strength to dictate to them.

I don't have a smartphone at all, and don't want one however the fairphone looks good and the other one that is based on freedom (they do a laptop too), can't remember offhand what it is called. But if I get a phone it will be one of them.

@Paul Sutton as a movement, that sort of idea has a lot of potential to help. i dont have a smartphone either, but if they made one that was free enough i might invest in one again.

it doesnt help that i loathe touchscreens. i dont think a libreberry is in our future. but im content with my flipphone.

youre painting with a very broad brush there. i suppose youre entitled to do so, but i think the reality is broader than your argument. just that youre saying "the" church, which almost certainly implies catholic, shows that what youre talking about is more narrow than the reality.

not to get into a protestant vs catholic thing which isnt the point im making, though im pretty sure there are protestant church is not run but a single church unless there is some reason to think every protestant church is part of what youre talking about.

as for the catholic church go after them i guess, but im curious how stealing bells is going to solve anything. are they going to lose so much money that it improves the abuse situation, or is this a two wrongs make a right thing. if you can reduce the abuse by stealing brass bells, i would agree they have it coming to them. its not really about sympathy (for the church) in the first place.

I see your point(s) here. I think my point was to try and say that the church have also stolen the childhoods from children.

I am not in anyway advocating or condoning stealing bells or anything from a church. or anywhere.

yeah i dont youre wrong about that, obviously.

Thin client powers up with Raspberry Pi 4

ClearCube announced a “C4Pi Thin Client” built around the Raspberry Pi 4 that runs Stratodesk’s Linux-based Cloud Desktop OS with support for Citrix HDX, VMWare, and Microsoft VDI stacks. In conjunction with this week’s VMWorld 2019 conference in San Francisco, ClearCube has announced the imminent release of a thin client based on the Raspberry Pi […]

Tomorrow's Engineers

I found this on twitter, so have tried to share below. I am not sure if anyone here can help, but there are quite a few developers n here. Perhaps a few stories about free software could help inspire people to get involved, and also send a message that there are great options within free software and engineering.


To help inspire the next generation to consider a career in engineering Tomorrow’s Engineers is asking early career engineers, technicians and engineering apprentices to tell the story of their job and the route that got them there.

#careers #inspiration #jobs

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Facial recognition: School ID checks lead to GDPR fine

Facial recognition: School ID checks lead to GDPR fine

Sounds like a victory for common sense and privacy, I can see the use of this technology in schools but there is little to stop people abusing the technology, even schools.
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Instagram criticised by judge over schoolgirl grooming chat logs

Instagram criticised by judge over schoolgirl grooming chat logs

Does this sort of thing have any implications for the decentralised web, I would think that chat logs (not that there is actual chat rooms here).
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Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle

Another offering from the Blender Animation Studio

Rating 13+

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Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Makes It Easier to Patch the Linux Kernel without Rebooting... Because it's not Microsoft Windows

The new Livepatch desktop integration included in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS consists of an indicator in the system tray area of the top panel, which displays the current status of Livepatch and notifications to inform users when new patch are available and if they've been applied.

Additionally, the Livepatch configuration UI, which is integrated as a tab in the Software & Updated utility, now gives users even more details on the corresponding CVEs that have been addressed in the latest patch. From there, you can also hide the indicator or disable Livepatch altogether.


#ubuntu #linux #livepatch
Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS Makes It Easier to Patch the Linux Kernel without Rebooting

Introduces enhanced Livepatch desktop integration

Good stuff, nice to see ubuntu leading the way in some areas.

"software designed to restrict the user is unethical"

systemd is designed to restrict the user. ball is in your court, fsf.

EFF Sues DHS To Uncover Information About Border Agents Using GPS Devices Without a Warrant To Track Vehicles

ICE and CBP Defying 2012 Supreme Court Ruling Banning the Practice

Washington, D.C.—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) sued the Depar
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For those of you who are not sure what DHS is - Department of Homeland Security I think.

Carli Lloyd: NFL team asks Women's World Cup winner to play in pre-season

Carli Lloyd: NFL team asks Women's World Cup winner to play in pre-season
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Disgusting, but this is officials for you, they don't care about those they consider lower than themselves.

How many sins does this tick the box of? Those involved with this should be jailed and possibly publicly humiliated. Who even thinks that adding bleach to food is the right way of dealing with it? Whoever was responsible for that one decision alone needs to go. Go live amongst those the food was meant to feed.

That's just sick.

LIbre Lounge - DataShards

LIbre Lounge - DataShards

26: Announcing DataShards
Fri 16 August 2019
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