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GIMP 2.10.14 Released with Minor Fixes, Tool Improvements

gimp on ubuntu graphicGIMP 2.10.14 is now available to download. This update tot he GIMP image editor offers a crop of bug fixes, several new GEGL filters, and tool improvements.

This post, GIMP 2.10.14 Released with Minor Fixes, Tool Improvements, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Emacs Conf 2019

Emacs Conf 2019

09:00–17:00: Toronto/Boston/EDT time, which is
13:00–21:00: UTC time, which is
14:00–22:00: Zurich/CET time.
#conference #Editor #emacs #fsf #irc #online #SaturdayNov2nd #virtial

Devon Climate Emergency

The #DevonCarbonPlan process has been launched – this is your opportunity to submit your ideas:

A top team of environmental experts, charged with ensuring that Devon reduces carbon emissions as quickly as possible, is calling on residents to submit their ideas on how to do it.

The Net-Zero Task Force has been appointed by the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group – made up of Devon’s councils, emergency services and business groups – to deliver the Devon Carbon Plan.

The Carbon Plan will lay out in stark terms what every resident, organisation and business has to do to reduce emissions and safeguard the planet for the next generation. #climateemergency
#DevonCarbonPlan #climateemergency #climate #climateemergency #devon #DevonCarbonPlan #uk

Hear and Now listening stations launch!

We would like to invite you to our amazing Hear and Now listening stations launch!

The listening stations will be in three locations in Torbay, see attached flyer for more details.

Come on down on any of the days to check out what we have been up to, and please RSVP to let us know when you are coming.

Best wishes,

Lotti Jullien
Sound Communities

#devon #hearandNow #launch #listening #oceanyouth #radio #soundcloud #soundcommunities #torbay #UK

South Devon CAS community 4

Further to my previous post. The work to try and arrange a meeting seems to have stalled. Clare Davenport is leaving CAS. Hopefully someone will be able to take over Claire’s work and support us all in getting something set up. In the meantime the South Devon Community Forum is still up and running. Please login to the
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Friendica postcard part 2

I have tried to update this. I had to try and cut out the mascot from the birthday pic and make the background other than black (really need to save ink) I am really not good at graphics manipulation.

Anyway hope this is useful. I think small post cards explaining what Friendica is, (and others explaining the other services) may eventually do the trick as people need to see references to the fediverse in more and more places to become curious enough to have a look and hopefully join.
#friendica #postcard #promo #version2

Will this even work ? Given you can be 18+ and look under 18 and you can be under 18 and look over 18. Hard to tell sometimes, unless you ask for proof of age.

We are happy to announce the Faircomputer No. 1 - the first fair and sustainable laptop. Based on the olimex DIY-Laptop it is produced completly in the EU and assambled in Switzerland. Equipped with the #Linux operating system it provides access to thousands of Free applications.

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Cool. Unfortunately a bit weak-chested and with a bit small display resolution...

Pipistrel ALPHA Electro - An All-Electric Trainer Plane Takes to the Skies with a 55-minute flight time

The Slovenian-based Pipistrel ALPHA Electro is one of the leading electric planes today, with bragging rights as the world’s first mass-produced electric aircraft. While NASA may have announced their X-57 Maxwell, the plane is still undergoing testing for its first planned flight in 2020. The ALPHA El
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Seems to be a lot of kicking the ball up field, contrast to yesterday where both England and NZ were keeping hold of the ball through rucks / mauls. Very different styles of play is going to make an interesting final next week.

It seems quiet here


I am used to getting several notifications per day on various things comments or posts, over the last few days I have not any at all or no where. Is everything working OK. It may have just gone quiet due to people being busy etc.

@Friendica Support


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The ability to edit posts is most useful. Great for when you spot an typing error or want to just update a post without making a fresh new post.

Definitely, I love Friendica has this feature. Not sure edits are propagated everywhere in the Fediverse, but it still looks nicer on my site.

I also had the network tab set to personal rather than posted order, so that also explains why I didn't see any other posts.
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I hate those tabs with a passion.

If I leave it on posted order it should be fine.

I like them. But from a user perspective (UX) it would probably be better if a click on the network icon in the top bar would reset the network tab to the default one (e.g. Personal -> Commented Order).

I agree there, it may cause less confusion and allow us to support people as we then know when we tell people to click network tab, we would know what that person should be looking at.

The network tab order should be a personal setting while the tabs should stay tabs.

I think they do make sense.

So would having the commented order as default when clicking Network be a good idea from the UX viewpoint?

IIRC we had this, but ppl complained that the behavior changed between usages. Personally I don't use the commented order.

AFAIK we always preserved every setting of the network tab. Only some versions ago we changed this for some parameters. We should do this for more parameters, I guess.

Was preoccupied with a gardening project. The preparation for the local Loi Krathong festival are well underway. Glad tabs are functioning within normal parameters again.



Just posting a link as sometimes people find embedded videos annoying or distracting.

LaTeX - How to - pre 1

This is designed as a test to see how to insert blocks of code.



\title{Intro to LaTeX}



#document #latex #test #typesetting

I have since made a blog post (which is meant to be federated here) on LaTeX Tutorials Follow up post tomorrow morning on what I have learned about LaTeX bibliography files.


terminator dark fate trailer 2

terminator dark fate trailer 2
#2019 #darkfate #movie #terminator #trailer2
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Paignton GeoPark

#devon #Geopark #Global #torbay #UNESCO #united-kingdom
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spoiler alert .. I hadn't seen the second day quarter finals yet when you posted this message. :-O
So, what do you think about these semi finals?
New Zealand seemed to be kind from a different planet. Extremely electric. Although England won well, not sure if they can stand the All Blacks. Even more as Ireland came really strong to this RWC and was just blown away.

Looks like South Africa is the only team that plays with a really strong forward pack and forward play. They kinda demolished Japan with the forwards. Wales apparently won "only" because France played missing one player for 25 Minutes. Looks like they really would need an important change in the team dynamics to be able to make a stand against SA.

Well England played really well, gave NZ an early shock by scoring which seemed to shake them during the first 1/2. NZ are still a good team though. As for tomorrows Wales vs South Africa. Would be good to see Wales win (they are also playing well) and set up a Wales vs England final.

I will also wait a few hours after tomorrows semi before posting results.

I knew you would spoil me the games. :)
I unfollowed you and the rugby tag stream and didn't looked at this mention so no harm done! :)
Just finishing seeing the second game ..

Yes an impressive performance by England.
gave NZ an early shock by scoring
True. Somehow NZ never really came into the game, like they really became how they played against Ireland only in the last ten minutes. The commentators mentioned that every one saw England as the under dog in this game ("looks like the All Blacks are human, they bleed!" :).
Sometimes it's hard for the favorite team to really step down from that confident felling and start at full speed. Once having to wake up and get into the game it becomes difficult. Sometimes the half time does the change. Not this time.

The second final was really split, South Africa seemed a little bit stronger but three point difference and in the last 10 minutes. That was nearly bad luck for Wales.

There is nothing like Rugby.
Love it!




Sat 26th

England 19-7 New Zealand

Sun 27th


Wales 09:00 South Africa

@mʕ•ﻌ•ʔm jeSuisatire bitPickup / [italic]~ irony
@mʕ•ﻌ•ʔm jeSuisatire bitPickup / [italic] ~ irony #cup #fixtures #results #rugby #semi-final #BBC #SPORT #world
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What post?
You mean you are going to put?

Be aware that I'm on diaspora, modifications in posts don't federate to over here ..

yeah, I will try it in a new post when appropriate to see what happens, may be when I post about results to sports matches,

Filtered word: nsfw

#RWC2019 #RWC #Rugby #torrent #magnetLink

#Australia vs #England


Good game, Bring on the All Blacks :)