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Ubuntu-ready Apollo Lake mini-PC features Myriad X AI accelerator

IEI’s rugged, “ITG-100AI” DIN-rail PC runs on an Apollo Lake SoC and a new “Mustang-MPCIE-MX2” mini-PCIe card with dual Myriad X VPUs. The system ships with 8GB RAM and a 128GB SATA SSD plus GbE, serial, USB, and M.2. IEI has launched a compact, Intel Apollo Lake based “ITG-100AI” computer for industrial AI that showcases […]


Starts: Saturday December 14, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

Finishes: Saturday December 14, 2019 @ 3:00 PM

As per information on the sdtj profile.

Cost £2 donation

Location: Paignton Library and Information Centre
Great Western Road

@Paul Sutton @Devon & Cornwall GNU / Linux user group

South Devon Tech Jam November 2019 – Write upNote : Names of under 18’s are not mentioned for Child Protection…

Great stuff, looking forward to the next jam on 14th December 2019.

South Devon Tech Jam November 2019 – Write upNote : Names of under 18’s are not mentioned for Child Protection…

I will have a look at this, as they also seem to do Minecraft servers which is good. Nice to see someone hosting Gopher stuff too, still a few servers out there and you can still install Gopher clients in GNU / Linux.

Budget-friendly Linux Smartphone PinePhone Will be Available to Pre-order Next Week for around $150

The main place where I have seen all this anti science stuff is on diaspora.

Okay guys ATTENTION: I spoke to moderator again! They have within hours suspended 5 trolls of mine who followed me here and were abusive. Here we don’t need to do multiple or mass reporting unlike bird app, the mods check the reports so just the one who wants to report mention the issue in the text box and send the report, if violating rules, they immediately suspend. They have limited mods and if we mass report we bombard them with requests. So let’s help the mods help us. Spread the word

Following peer tube accounts from Friendica


I have set up a peertube account on diodezone I just wondered how I go about following this from friendica please ?.

I tried to add the above url as a contact, but this seems to fail. Do I need to wait till there the federation code is working better ?



@Friendica Support
@Friendica Support #federation #follow #friendica #peertube #share

This should now work in the develop branch.

Ok cool, I will try again is there a specific url I need to enter in to the contacts field on friendica ?

Your server is on the master branch. So you can try again with the next stable release that will be released somewhere bear December.

Ok cool thanks, will do that. Keep up the good work :)

Do you haven an interest is playing around with a #JoyPI? @opensuse is having a lot of fun with our! Our @Raspberry_Pi images work like a charm. See what you can do with it & how you can teach kids/Adults the basics of programming -

Sounds pretty neat, how our small star has so much impact so far out. This just seems to be on a magnetic side of things. I would guess that gravity wise the influence is greater.

Booting into console mode

With most Linux systems you boot in to a Graphical desktop. However there are times when you want to perhaps use a pure console. While you can switch to a console with CTRL-ALT-Fn keys. If you want to set your system so that it boots directly in to a console you can do so via the instructions at the site below. I have a spare netbook up to boot in to the console, set up after some fiddling a network connecti
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Ubuntu Publishes Support Roadmap for the Raspberry Pi 4

The future of Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi family is looking pretty fresh, with Canonical unveiling a new roadmap outlining official support for the boards.

This post, Ubuntu Publishes Support Roadmap for the Raspberry Pi 4, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Making posts sticky

@Friendica Support

Is there a way to make specific posts sticky (appear at the top all the time)? With the South Devon Tech Jam account, I added some events and these all appear above the main post explaining what the tech jam is @South Devon Tech Jam Ideally this post will appear at the top with other posts and or events appearing below, a sort of reverse timeline.

Unless I have set the account to the wrong type, which is possible.

@Friendica Support @South Devon Tech Jam #friendica #posts #sticky

That would be great, and great work at the hackathon, amazing what face to face meetings can achieve, shows how valuable these hackathons are.



I prepared sticky posts just before I left the Hackathon. I hope to continue the work the upcoming week. You will be able to stick a post, just like you already can mark one. When a post is sticky, it will always appear on top of all other postings on your profile page.

Sounds good :) Happy to test it out on the @South Devon Tech Jam account.