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HackSpace’s 25 ways to use a Raspberry Pi

The latest issue of HackSpace magazine is out today, and it features a rather recognisable piece of tech on the front cover.

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Citizen science traffic monitoring with Raspberry Pi

Homes in Madrid, Dublin, Cardiff, Ljubljana, and Leuven are participating in the Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport (WeCount) project, a European Commission–funded research project investigating sustainable economic growth.

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NFL Championship games

NFL Conference Championship games

With Superbowl LIV two weekends away. Sunday 19th January sees the 4 contenders battle it out for their place in NFL History.

Debian desktops

Further to my previous post. I am in an email conversion with someone who wants to simply download Debian and wants to try out the various desktops first.

The choices at are pretty confusing if you are not sure which desktop is good for your needs.

Finding the non free version seems to be even harder, I can understand the reasons for this as Debian is a free software OS but this issue could be a barrier for people trying out Debian.

What I have been asked is, is there a live iso that can be downloaded with all desktops on, that one can choose which desktop they want at login. My response is more if you install all the desktops you can choose from the login screen, which is not really the ideal solution.

I am not sure what else to suggest here.

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I think this is the plan, so the question is, should this process be made easier or less painful and like a huge barrier for others, do we as a community need to step down to the beginner level and have some sort of liaison system between end users, new users, and more experienced users and the developers at the top.

I never really understood how to collect all the info needed to submit bug reports, I can't even get people to confirm something is happening (or it is very hard to). before getting to that stage. Rule out user error my end before submitting a report would save people a lot of time too.
Or use tasksel from the debian terminal / console to install addition desktop front ends.

Free software contributions



Is there any reason why the get involved page at

is not linked to the helper site at!/progornoprog/infra/learn

This would make it easier for people to decide if and how they can contribute to projects ?

I will do a follow up post to this, as this question, has been prompted by issues trying to figure out which Debian desktop choice should be downloaded.

still waiting for 32bit support to come back.
LibreOffice mastodon (AP)
Hi Paul, the "What can I do for LibreOffice" website was developed by volunteers as an extra way to get involved, on top of the main "Get Involved" page that you linked to. Perhaps we should consolidate them into a single page, when we have the time – any help would be appreciated! 🙂 👍

Boeing Employees Mocked Lion Air Staff For Seeking 737 Max Training, Calling Them 'Idiots.' A Year Later 189 People Died When One of Their Jets Crashed

Since when was mocking people acceptable, it tells us more about Boeing than anything else.

Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates | Environment | The Guardian

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Sorry about not updating my posts on this. I have now made a blog post that updates and provides links to results for the post season.

That galaxy seems to have an odd shape despite the angle it is presented at there seems to be a long arm going off to the right of the picture.

Are newspapers a citable resource of information

Not sure if anyone such as @Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊) can advise here. Just been sent an newspaper article (website) via a local group the article is on the current human rights situation for children in the UK, However the article was in the Independent newspaper.

I have sent the group a link to the page on the United Nations website that their reports can be downloaded from.

This got me thinking that if wikipedia is not an acceptable source for citations, and academic information, what about newspapers as they do tend to read more official reports and or academic papers and try and interpret them. So if researching more information is it best to search for where the newspaper (or media report to that matter) got their information from?

it seems the media never actually cite any sources, anyway making it harder to rally fact check or draw ones own conclusions, no wonder we get reports that seem to suggest that food x is safe one week then causes cancer the next.

Just thought I would ask
oh, sorry, i dont know where that would be.
I found a link on the UN site to the report on ther UKs policy with regard to the rights of the child.

IC 405: The Flaming Star Nebula

Image Credit & Copyright: Eric Coles and Mel Helm

Explanation: Rippling du
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Electric car tipping point approaching by 2025 - will be a seismic effect on sales of yesterday's powertrains

It is nonsense to forecast pure electric cars costing the same as traditional ones, then life continuing much as usual. The up-front price of pure electric PE cars will be dropping below that of internal combustion engine ICE ones around 2025. In motor industry terms, the 2025 tipping point is very c
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I agree, we need far far more charging points, in fact we could convert traditional fill up stations and make them in to car charging areas.

Provide a sort of cafe / seating area for use while you are waiting for your car to charge, maybe washroom and even shower facilities (could be good for long distance drivers) etc, a place to relax before carrying on with your journey.

SOme of the above may seem like over the top, but we need to think outside the box a little here, make maximum use of what we have.

Of course any such facility should be solar powered, to reduce carbon footprint even further. May need some backup from the power grid, but may not need too much in countries where there is sufficient sunlight to provide more power than is needed.

● NEWS ● # ☞ Thousands Take to Streets Across US to Protest # 's March to # Against #

● NEWS ● # # # ☞ Undermining # 's Public Line, US Officials Say Justification for # Assassination 'Razor Thin'
Everyone seems to assume that Iran plans some sort of conventional response, what about a response that could include massive cyber attacks on western infrastructure.
thats the media for you.

the media also spent years talking about some great cyberwar. im sure the corporate merchants of chaos are thinking "no reason it cant be both." plus the free software movement is crippled at the moment, can even be a powergrab for non-free companies like ibm, ibm, microsoft, google, ibm.
Well they seem to blame Russia and Iran for some of the existing attacks, however, these type of attack seem to come from quite a few countries. Authorities also seem powerless to do anything.

All you seem to need is one person clicking on an attachment and your whole infrastructure can go down.

● NEWS ● # ☞ Thousands Take to Streets Across US to Protest # 's March to # Against #

The biggest threat to our privacy online is third-party trackers’ slow, steady, relentless accumulation of relatively mundane data points about how we live our lives.
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