Facebook Shops: Online stores open on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Shops: Online stores open on Facebook and Instagram

The covid 19 crisis, has highlighted massive inequality when it comes to technology, the above online stores are clearly aimed at those who have access to the technology, the more we move on line, the more people who don't have access will fall behind, what is worse when they are able to get online they will feel even more pressure to use Facebook and other centralised, data grabbing systems, which then collect data, generate ads and more pressure to buy buy buy.

Covid 19 could easily kill off cash, which could affect many other parts of our life, not that the big corporations or banks seem to care.

If you undertake a course aimed at total beginners facebook is part of that course, as it gets free promotion with no mention of the alternatives and therefore denies free choice.
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In a related story
Canada Facebook fined $6.5m over 'false' privacy claims

Facebook to build internet cable 'circumference of Earth'

Facebook to build internet cable 'circumference of Earth'

It seems that Facebook want to expand their services in to Africa (and probably other places), is there anything we can do to try and promote the alternatives in Africa ?

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Facebook has not only a penchant for, but is built on a foundation of sheer dishonesty, manipulation and exploitation. Like the Gates Foundation and many notably corrupt and unethical billionaires, it tries to buy goodwill by throwing funding at initiatives that appear charitable on the surface — which just happen to lend themselves to further control, influence and indirectly (but not too indirectly) profit for the people “investing” in such “charity”.

UK news

Facebook and Google bosses will be held personally liable and face prosecution for online harm including terror and child abuse content, ministers will announce

I am not too sure how well this is going to work but it seems a step in the right direction, Summon the bosses in to court, under oath and hold them to account.

If Zukerburg et al won't attend a hearing as it means leaving the safety of the USA, then haul his UK counterpart in to court instead, if he / she is found guilty throw the book at then. This could make a very interesting counter suit if that person quite rightly feels he / she has been left out to dry.

Also given Trumps reaction to the threat of a EU tech tax, I can predict he won't be happy about this policy at all,
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security researchers have noted for years that relying on big data for threat assessment actually makes it harder, not easier to determine threats. it buries the relevant info in noise. in my opinion, this is a large part of the problem.

authorities are always looking for needles in haystacks. thats their job. the solution for the past 20 years has invariably cried out “we need more hay! we dont have enough hay!” thats the last thing they need.

what they need to do is look back on history and realise that no system that respected human rights ever had a perfect way of dealing with crime. the ones that didnt respect human rights also didnt have a perfect way-- crime has always existed. but total surveillance is a broken promise, and its time for people to sort the hype from reality. then at least society can get back to some form of relative sanity about this-- hypothetically, of course! i no longer assume relative sanity is one of societys goals.

The price paid for being on widely used social network(s)

The following story is currently on the daily mail, basically the wives of two footballers (well Wayne Roony seems to be an exfootballer) are arguing with each other and throwing accusations around all over the place over sharing of personal information.

WAG war two! Footballers' wives line up to blast Rebekah Vardy and back Coleen Rooney

Right now I find a lot of the content on the fediverse here to be intelligent, engaging. I really hope, that as the fediverse expands, we don't end up with stuff like this.

Facebook encryption: Should governments be given keys to access our messages?

Facebook encryption: Should governments be given keys to access our messages?

So looking at some of the questions and answers on here, there seems to be little evidence to what the government seem to be claiming.

Is there evidence encryption has hampered police enquiries?

When the BBC asked the Home Office to provide examples, it could not do so.

I wonder their argument is based on the same sort of evidence that Saddam Hussain had Weapons of Mass destruction, which turned out not to be the case.

Facebook encryption threatens public safety, says minister

Facebook encryption threatens public safety, says minister

So facebook wants to encrypt messages, Given the recent post that the presidential candiate Elizabeth Warren wants to break up facebook et al, and this resulted in Mark Zukerburg saying he would sue to US government, so after tis they decide that messages are going to be encrypted.

Seemsk like no coincidence then, plus itcomes after thus recent EU Ruling

Facebook 'can be ordered to remove content worldwide'
I dont think its the advisers - ministers these days think they dont need experts, and if they do they choose the ones that give them the answers they want.
Well, yeah, that too, or they listen to those who have the money to make their voices heard.

I am sure I read somewhere the term expert is :

Ex - Past it, Spert = Drip under pressure, trying to write things in a phonetic way there.

You only have to listen to interviews with some MPs and they seem to give anything but a simple and concise answer to a question, most of which just require yes or no.
Ex - spurt may come from a bloke called Blaster Bates who used to do after dinner talks about his demolition work. Very funny at the time - he had a couple of vinyl albums that might be on you-tube.

I appear to have blocked facebook

I have been adding various things to both /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts.deny, to try and at least block the various subdomains that facebook uses to track people even when they are not on facebook or signed up. The result now seems to be that facebook is blocked or can't connect. What a shame :D

Yes it redirects to local host.
Don't know about but I'm sure it's something similar.
I've never been able to get * wildcards to work in the host file though. is for windows, is for gnu, bsd, etc.

hosts files dont do wildcards. if you want to do wildcards, try squid proxy.

Blocking facebook subdomains

I am not sure if I have gone about this the right way but

Has a list of facebook subdomains

I have added this list to /etc/hosts.deny

is this the right way to go about stopping facebook putting it's garbage on my website ? I will see over the next few days by going to different websites if it has dumped anything in my cookie cache.
On a similar note some info on blocking google analytics

I have posted this to Linkedin and commented just dump facebook and provided a link to, not that anyone will take note. I really don't like the fasct that even though I don't use facebook, they are tracking me, it is wrong, creepy and borders on voyeurism.

We need something like this for the Fediverse


Happy to help try and put something together along with others here.

Facebook and Instagram go down as thousands of users worldwide complain they cannot log in or upload pictures

Facebook and Instagram go down as thousands of users worldwide complain they cannot log in or upload pictures.

What a shame?

Credit to all the admins etc running the Fediverse for keeping everything going well over the years, Thank you and well done.

Facebook: Did social network mislead MPs?

Facebook: Did social network mislead MPs?

Looks like Facebook are in trouble again for possibly misleading,

What is the difference between mislead and lie, if they lied it is more serious surely and if they lie why say mislead.

When is the political class going to grow some and take action?

France tech tax: What's being done to make internet giants pay more?

France tech tax: What's being done to make internet giants pay more?

Now, if some of that tax revenue could be directed to help fund free software and alternatives to fb and google such as the fediverse as services such as disroot (which offers e-mail, cloud and a host of other stuff) that would be great. Oh and some money should be spent on mental health services to help those affected by how the big tech companies are treating users and creating more mental health issues.

Facebook stops apps being pre-installed on Huawei phones

Facebook stops apps being pre-installed on Huawei phones

If you want a new phone without facebook this seems a good option :)
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Millions of Facebook passwords exposed internally

I am guessing that and the rest of the fediverse has a better policy on this. One advantage is one fediverse server only holds a small percentage of total accounts. So a data leak / breach will only affect those users.

Stories like this should help us reflect on what we do, how we do things.

Health apps pose 'unprecedented' privacy risks

Health apps pose 'unprecedented' privacy risks

I am not too sure why people such as Amazon would want data on Health, but even so a worrying trend seems to be emerging.

Thankfully the fediverse does not treat it's users privacy with this sort of total contempt.

Facebook and Instagram suffer most severe outage ever

This article raises a few good points, I agree we need to stop big companies buying up competition, but this also shows we are so reliant on this tech that if it goes wrong the consequences can be really serious.
Yes, we could be in serious trouble if something goes wrong with this tech and we don't have
backups or plan b.
I agree on bad reporting too. I have created documents that use citations to provide more information, so if I refer to I would put for example. [1]is an example of "A Decentralized Social Network"

This gives people a chance to read up on what is rather themselves. But also this is the main website, so the best place to get accurate information.

We have people saying vaccines are bad, so less people take them up resulting in outbreaks of preventable conditions. Some newspapers by providing any actual evidence, but people just end up beliving it. Newspapers report on scientific studies and report the wrong or bad conclusions from perhaps their limited understanding. This causes the public to or become mis informed and they make bad decisions as a result. On another note big headlines sell papers, so not just lazy reporting but also irrisponsible reporting is having or going to have consequences in the future.



Facebook to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

Just to make people aware this is happening, thankfully here on the federation we can already do share messages between services, only the main differences is we are not sharing huge amounts of collected data at the same time. @Replace Facebook Community

Facebook to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger
RIP Privacy - well at least for those who still don't get it.

Facebook hack victims will not get ID theft protection

@Replace Facebook Community

Hi, not sure if anyone has seen this bbc article.
Facebook hack victims will not get ID theft protection

A good reason not to use facebook, a company who seems happy to collect, analyse your data and personal details but then stab you in the back if something goes wrong, given this hack was due to a bug in THEIR software.

If you need more ammo for the not to use fb argument then it is here, however saying that as a decentralised network we need to ensure we don't fall in to teh same trap with regards to security, but bugs will always be there, and will be fixed, what is important is how we look after users of any problems.
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