Facebook Shops: Online stores open on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Shops: Online stores open on Facebook and Instagram

The covid 19 crisis, has highlighted massive inequality when it comes to technology, the above online stores are clearly aimed at those who have access to the technology, the more we move on line, the more people who don't have access will fall behind, what is worse when they are able to get online they will feel even more pressure to use Facebook and other centralised, data grabbing systems, which then collect data, generate ads and more pressure to buy buy buy.

Covid 19 could easily kill off cash, which could affect many other parts of our life, not that the big corporations or banks seem to care.

If you undertake a course aimed at total beginners facebook is part of that course, as it gets free promotion with no mention of the alternatives and therefore denies free choice.
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Canada Facebook fined $6.5m over 'false' privacy claims

France gives online firms one hour to pull 'terrorist' content

This doesn't just apply to terrorist content but child abuse and other content,

However it does seem to have big implications for services.
im not an anarchist, but its like governments are hellbent on proving how fucking worthless and stupid they are.
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French authorities consider everything is terrorism if you oppose them, and have a long story of don't following its own rules

Just an example: representatives telling "of record" to journalist that street protestation is a sort of "cultural terrorism"

And since 2015, exceptionals laws against terorism were integrated in the common law. In France, the authorities decide if you're a terrorist or not

Emacs Conf 2019

Emacs Conf 2019

09:00–17:00: Toronto/Boston/EDT time, which is
13:00–21:00: UTC time, which is
14:00–22:00: Zurich/CET time.

How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens

How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens

"Mr Rademacher says it's important teachers keep in mind that parents can get defensive too if their children are shamed. "Emailing a parent and saying I think your kid is going to be a white nationalist - that's irresponsible."

But many parents are worried about what their children have access to online."

Perhaps the US needs something like the prevent strategy in the Uk< I can understand how that could perhaps conflict with the first amendment, but if a person is showing signs that they may do harm, (to others and self) then surely someone should be able to step in.

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UK Get Online week 2019

Get more out of life online!
14th -> 20th October 2019

5.3 million people have never been online in the UK and there are 11.9 million people who don’t have the essential digital skills to navigate life and work.

This October partners, volunteers and communities will come together to make sure that everyone can take part in the digital world. Thousands of events will take place in hundreds of communities, providing a friendly and welcoming way to help people take the next step on their online journey, building skills and improving lives along the way.
That is a potential 5.2 million new Fediverse users and 5.2 million less facebook users :D

Greta Thunberg: Caroline Lucas reports Arron Banks to Twitter

Greta Thunberg: Caroline Lucas reports Arron Banks to Twitter

Apparently he was joking, this is joking in the same way as when a bully assaults another person they claim they were playing or joking.

Government error delays online pornography age-check scheme

Apparently we didn't notify the EU regulators of this, a process that can apparently take up to six months.

I wonder if we had implemented Brexit, when were meant to on 29th March, if we would have to even bother with this notification.

Not sure how these age checks are meant to work or even if they will work, but it is recognized we need to do something.
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