NFL Championship games

NFL Conference Championship games

With Superbowl LIV two weekends away. Sunday 19th January sees the 4 contenders battle it out for their place in NFL History.


Sorry about not updating my posts on this. I have now made a blog post that updates and provides links to results for the post season.

Torquay Seafront Toilets

🚽 Update on Torquay Sea Front Toilets🚽
The complete refurbishment of this unit is also nearing completion. This included a full decoration and complete new tiling throughout. The ventilation system has been upgraded and new motion sensor touchless flush systems has been installed, along with new touchless hand wash and dryer systems.

A pay to use shower has been installed and this will be available to use at the start of the summer season.

The facility is currently in the commission and cleaning stages and we aim to have this operational within the next two to three weeks.


Text and Photo originally posted to LinkedIn.
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