The Matrix: How have other 'fourth' films fared?

Following the announcement that there will be a 4th Matrix movie, this looks at how other 4th movie in a series have fared. I can't remember that neo died in the last matrix film, wasn't he talking to the Oracle then flew off to try and release more people.

If I also remember correctly the oracle tells him that there has been a similar war between humans and machines before, about 7 times so things keep repeating them selves, neo exists to balance out agent smith or something, but yes the next film could have something to do with what happens after revolutions.

The Matrix: How have other 'fourth' films fared?
Yeah, the first film was great, the other two got rather confusing as to what the point of some of the plot lines actually where.
they should have written most of 2 and 3 and then outsourced it to fanfic writers.

"2 and 3 were awful!"

"yeah, well-- they were fanfiction."

"oh, then they were pretty good."

id probably watch 4 as well if fans made it.
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