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Photos 8th June 2019

Taken today, weather is overcast but it is still warm.

beach fairycove harbour overcast paignton photos

Adding photos to posts part 2

You can also add photos to a post by clicking the browser tab and selecting photos . You can also upload from here too. 图像/照片
add. photos posts to

Adding photos to posts

I have worked out way to add photos to a post (work around till this is fixed)
1. Upload photos
2. Create new post
3. Add title etc
4. submit post
5. add comment
6. add pictures to comment
7. copy the source code pointing to the image(s) - (highlight, right click, copy) in to the comment
7a you may want to paste this to a text editor just in case you lose it.
8.. cancel comment
9. Edit original post (you will see the pull down and select edit) this then cancels your comment.
10. past in urls to image(s)

This then Should add the images to your original post.
add images original photos posts to
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Harbour atPaignton

Some photos of my local harbour.
boats equipment harbour paignton photos water
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