"The more I use the # Pro, the more I love it. In this video, I check out Manjaro running on this awesome # laptop, and give you my overall thoughts. Is there anything else you'd like me to run on this laptop?"

UK news

Facebook and Google bosses will be held personally liable and face prosecution for online harm including terror and child abuse content, ministers will announce

I am not too sure how well this is going to work but it seems a step in the right direction, Summon the bosses in to court, under oath and hold them to account.

If Zukerburg et al won't attend a hearing as it means leaving the safety of the USA, then haul his UK counterpart in to court instead, if he / she is found guilty throw the book at then. This could make a very interesting counter suit if that person quite rightly feels he / she has been left out to dry.

Also given Trumps reaction to the threat of a EU tech tax, I can predict he won't be happy about this policy at all,
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@Paul Sutton what im saying is not that crime is acceptable, but that draconian measures are not. not that draconian measures would stop crime either-- they typically dont-- but that the existence of crime does not prove a lack of reasonable effort on the part of administrators.

suppose instead of something as emotionally charged, we use an example like credit card fraud. if youre running a website with half a BILLION users, theres only so much you can do to prevent someone else from scamming other users.

if you do what is reasonable in terms of prevention, no amount of punishing you is going to make you any better at stopping people than the people who have that as their only job. charging every administrator with the job of being a police force is not going to make them any better at it. punishing them is only going to remove websites that already do due diligence-- it wont stop crime, but it will break the internet. have you ever seen the phone company ch... show more
security researchers have noted for years that relying on big data for threat assessment actually makes it harder, not easier to determine threats. it buries the relevant info in noise. in my opinion, this is a large part of the problem.

authorities are always looking for needles in haystacks. thats their job. the solution for the past 20 years has invariably cried out “we need more hay! we dont have enough hay!” thats the last thing they need.

what they need to do is look back on history and realise that no system that respected human rights ever had a perfect way of dealing with crime. the ones that didnt respect human rights also didnt have a perfect way-- crime has always existed. but total surveillance is a broken promise, and its time for people to sort the hype from reality. then at least society can get back to some form of relative sanity about this-- hypothetically, of course! i no longer assume relative sanity is one of societys goals.

Author Stephen King quits Facebook

Author Stephen King quits Facebook

Another high profile user quits facebook over the very concerns people keep raising and the things that Zuckerburg keeps saying the platform is dealing with. Clearly they are not going far enough. This is a good thing it will drive people away from the platform (young people don't use facebook) and hopefully cosign the wretched platform to history.
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Steve Friendica
@Paul Sutton I don't know, as long as grandma and grandpa like it, families will use the cursed site. They surely aren't concerned with privacy at this stage of their lives.
Good point.

Katie Hopkins' Twitter account suspended

Katie Hopkins' Twitter account suspended

I decided to post this as it may be of interest to anyone who migrated to Mastodon (and therefore the fediverse) because of twitters support of hate speech in India.

This quote may be of interest

"Twitter said it made exceptions for world leaders."

Ssomeone has already commented that Adolf Hitler would be allowed to keep a Twitter / social media account, the above quote pretty much adds weight to that.

I don't see how being a world leader has anything to do with it, if anything as a world leader you set an example (or should do) and where you lead others follow.

'Days away from dying' after gay body shaming

'Days away from dying' after gay body shaming

We seem to be going backwards as a society, for the worse not the better.

Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data

They show that the # # program installed on a person's # collects data, and that Jumpshot repackages it into various different products that are then sold to many of the largest companies in the world.
# # # # # # # # # #
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The US gov't is not only pressuring social media corporations to suspend Iranian accounts (they're obediently complying); it's even getting Iranian websites using .com domains taken down

The internet was marketed as "democratic"—but it's heavily controlled by the US rogue regime
http://FarsNews.Com Domain Blocked Under US Sanctions

This is not good. This shows one government can control what is on the internet with total impunity and without any sort of accountability or evidence.

Teenager, 16, 'hacked to death with a machete' at East Croydon station was a 'WALKING TARGET' who escaped gang attack just hours earlier - as it emerges he died on way to Youth Offender meeting

Teenager, 16, 'hacked to death with a machete' at East Croydon station was a 'WALKING TARGET' who escaped gang attack just hours earlier - as it emerges he died on way to Youth Offender meeting

I am not sure what the answer to all this is, but something needs to happen, I am guessing the the intention here is to beat last years body count.

What the hell is going on ?

What part of "carrying a knife is illegal" is hard to understand.

Grenfell Tower fire: Firms 'knew cladding would fail in fire'

Grenfell Tower fire: Firms 'knew cladding would fail in fire'

We need JUSTICE for the Grenfell victims NOW. It is time to make sure that those responsible are held to account.
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Oh, another issue with Grindr. We observed the app sharing GPS location data with several third parties. Grindr was then suspended by its ad/data partner MoPub. Now, ad fraud.

Remember: Surveillance-based advertising is bad for users, publishers, marketers, and society at large.
Do you have enough evidence to make a referral to the data office ICO in the Uk, I think it will take more people speaking out to keep these companies complient, if they are going to operate in the EU / UK then they HAVE to comply with the GDPR and users need to hold them to account, and ensure the ICO do their job and have the powers to act.

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What can you use instead of Google and Facebook?

Just found this on the bbc website

What can you use instead of Google and Facebook?

Has some interesting suggestions, not much in the way of suggestions for the fediverse, but at least it gets people talking about the topic.
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● NEWS ● # ☞ New Report Offers Blueprint for a 'Clean Slate' for Workers to Fight Economic # and Strengthen #
This is 2020. why is this still happening? Time for the corporates to grow up and treat the people, who generate the profits, for your over inflated salaries, to be paid properly.

As a person coming from a # background, information about # and # often feels alienating. Some things I'd really like to see:

1) # web pages (re: structure and language).

2) Reasonable # (re: hardware, OS's, firmware, etc.) -- NOT the same as conflicting compromises (i.e. Google).

3) # information -- e.g. freedom to revise code is irrelevant to most people, rather it's a matter of transparency.

4) # behavior -- i.e. not a boys' club.

Bring our railway into public ownership now!

If you’ve ever taken a train in the # , you know that rail # has failed - leaving you with rip off fares and shoddy services.

Now the private rail companies are failing one after another. This is our chance to take back our railway!
  • Transport Secretary Grant # has said that South Western Railway is “not sustainable” and it’s the “end of the franchise” for Northern
  • Boris Johnson says the "bell is tolling" for West Midlands Trains
  • The East Coast line is already in public ownership after Richard Branson and Stagecoach failed to deliver
Keith Williams is carrying out the biggest review of the railways since 1994. Tell the government to put passengers first!

Grant Shapps and Keith Williams: bring our whole railway into public ownership!


# # # # # # # # # # #

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Community out again on # in Maynooth. Week 59 (I think!) # # #.

We all need to get out and canvass now!

@MaynoothTT @trocaire @MaynoothCycling @GreenCampus_MU @gretathunberg @DeptIntDevMU

When Computer Crimes Are Used To Silence Journalists: Why EFF Stands Against the Prosecution of Glenn Greenwald

This week, prosecutors in Brazil filed a criminal complaint against Glenn Greenwald, an internationally lauded jo
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