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England vs Kosovo

England vs Kosovo
17th November 2019

Click to open/closeKosovo - 0 England 4
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General Resolution: Init Systems and systemd

General Resolution: Init Systems and systemd

This seems interesting, need to read in to this more but sharing anyway as I knw this is an issue that people free strongly about.
#debian #init #linux #systemD #sysv
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I posted as there I was aware this is something people here feel strongly about. I need to read more in to what the options are though. I am not exactly sure what the overall solution is to the question of which system should be used, but I do agree that we need to maintain the support for init systems so we maintain the freedom to choose.

they did the same thing in 2014.

before debian makes decisions that could possibly destroy them forever, they like to have a little pomp and bureaucracy so as to pretend they give a shit what anybody thinks.

like with brexit, if the resolution is to not make ibm/redhat systemd the king of debian and ruler over all other decisions, they will have this resolution again in a few years. or months. imo they should just pack up debian and tell people "just use red hat" since that seems to be the trajectory theyve stayed on for half a decade. who are we kidding here? in short order theyve gone from the "universal operating system" to the "international business system." what a sad joke, and what a bunch of traitors have destroyed debian forever. its all based on lies and circular arguments-- first they spend months trying to stop people from helping resolve the issues, then they say "lets stop doing this, no one bothered to step up and fix this." the whole process is a fucking sham, a fraud, a fucking con. so are the people driving this, fuck them. let them lie to your faces.

And here I was, super-confused about the fact that a server I upgraded from stretch to buster just this morning told me that there are 43 updated packages right now... :)


has many flaws and very few virtues. the legacy media is totally silent about this flaw.

Sharing this,, as it needs to be exposed as wide as possible. On here at least we can do that without repercussions from those who seek to condone and cover it all up.

Choose Lnux Show ep 22

About this Episode

We talk about the best ways to get involved in open source communities, finding like-minded people, conference strategies, community hubs, and what happened to all the LUGs.

This was on twitter, I will try and get them to get an acount on here too
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Final score

Click to open/closeScore 7-0 to England
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React bootcamp

This was posted to twitter.

Course launch: The React Bootcamp - Become a Professional React Developer

This massive course by @bobziroll
will teach you advanced React through a mix of lectures and coding challenges.

Retweets highly appreciated

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Kali Linux - Pen testing is this using system V

I have just installed Kali Linux, looking at the documentation page at

it says to start postgres SQL use

service postgresql start

this looks more like System V rather than SystemD, am I right here?

If it was sytemD I am sure it would be something like systemctl postgressql start.
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All installed nicely, I really need to get to grips with SHA256Sums though.

LibreOffice is getting some great new features thanks to Google Summer of Code students. Here's Muhammet Kara explaining more at a recent event in Ankara, Turkey:
GSoS presentation

still waiting for a 32bit fork of libreoffice, but openoffice still offers 32bit--

so i suppose a libre fork of 32bit openoffice would also work. meanwhile, the latest libreoffice does not (will not likely ever) run on this operating system. im sure its great though, and i hope people running 64bit systems enjoy it.

Social Action Hackathon with the Scouts

When you think of the Scouts, do you think of a self-sufficient young person with heaps of creativity, leadership, initiative, and a strong team ethic? So do we! That’s why we’re so excited about our latest opportunity to bring digital making to young people with the world’s leading youth organisation.

... show more

Great stuff, need more of this sort of thing in Torbay.

Ubuntu-ready Apollo Lake mini-PC features Myriad X AI accelerator

IEI’s rugged, “ITG-100AI” DIN-rail PC runs on an Apollo Lake SoC and a new “Mustang-MPCIE-MX2” mini-PCIe card with dual Myriad X VPUs. The system ships with 8GB RAM and a 128GB SATA SSD plus GbE, serial, USB, and M.2. IEI has launched a compact, Intel Apollo Lake based “ITG-100AI” computer for industrial AI that showcases […]


Starts: Saturday December 14, 2019 @ 11:00 AM

Finishes: Saturday December 14, 2019 @ 3:00 PM

As per information on the sdtj profile.

Cost £2 donation

Location: Paignton Library and Information Centre
Great Western Road

@Paul Sutton @Devon & Cornwall GNU / Linux user group

South Devon Tech Jam November 2019 – Write upNote : Names of under 18’s are not mentioned for Child Protection…

Great stuff, looking forward to the next jam on 14th December 2019.

South Devon Tech Jam November 2019 – Write upNote : Names of under 18’s are not mentioned for Child Protection…

I will have a look at this, as they also seem to do Minecraft servers which is good. Nice to see someone hosting Gopher stuff too, still a few servers out there and you can still install Gopher clients in GNU / Linux.