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Would be good to see this as part of digital skills, along with gpg email encryption, and e-mail signing. I would also like to see skills added to include programming and web design, so people know what goes in to the development process or at least have an appreciation for the amount of work it entails.

CERN Ditching Microsoft to ‘Take Back Control’ Using #OpenSource Software

CERN is known for pushing the boundaries of science but the famed research outfit’s next major experiment will be with open-source software. The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, aka CERN, aka home of the Large […]

This post, CERN Ditching Microsoft to ‘Take Back Control’ Using #OpenSource Software, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

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Since 2002 dozens – maybe even hundreds – of people have devoted years of their life to making Blender open and free to use for everyone. This massive effort has made it a strong and exciting program where add-ons can become massively successful. You’re standing on the shoulders of giants!

This can only work if we create a level playing field for everyone. Nobody’s code is more important than another’s. Nobody cuts a corner of the Blender play field to claim it as their territory. Nobody will plant trees here where you can’t climb in or enjoy its fruits.

Blender is free, forever.

#FreeSoftware #Blender #OpenSource #GPL #Copyleft #LevelPlayingField

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Great work by all involved.