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Terms of Service

Terms of Use, Privacy and Data Security

Version 1.11, November 30, 2020.

1 Introduction

iSurf Social ( is an installation of the software of the Friendica project. The source code of the software is open to anyone and can be viewed, downloaded, used and distributed.

Friendica is a decentralized social network that allows users to share content, share information and have fun.

2. Liability for content, links and everything else

The operator of the platform wants to ensure a free exchange of information. Liability for content created by users - posts, news and more - is up to the user. The operator is under no circumstances liable.

Users are requested not to post content that violates any law applicable in the country of Canada. If content violates laws and the operator is made aware of it, the operator will contact the user, and potentially publicly, ask for clarification of the problem and possibly the deletion of the contents. If there is no other possibility, the operator will delete the contents.

In addition to removal of criminally relevant contributions, the operator reserves the right to remove content that is on the verge of legality or is not clearly classified after an announcement. This definition includes in particular, but not exclusively, pornographic (and possibly erotic) representations of minors, even if they do not conform to the legal definition of "child pornography".

Beyond the potential legality of posted content, iSurf Social is not interested in hosting content that can be best described as any of the following:

  • commercial accounts, advertising, or excessive promotion
  • racism; sexism; discrimination based on gender, sexual minority, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or national origin
  • xenophobia or violent nationalism
  • holocaust denialism, Nazi symbolism, promotion of National Socialism, or anything that is illegal in the European Union
  • stalking or harassment
  • solicitation of prostitution
  • dangerous false information, including anti-vaxxination, conspiracy theories that endanger people's lives, climate change denial, etc. unless these items are clearly posted for the purpose of making others aware of the inherent issues with the information, for warning purposes, etc. If it is deemed you are simply trying to spread dangerous false information then it is in violation of this rule.

3. Liability for failures and data loss

The operator makes an effort to operate the platform as interruption-free and loss-free as possible. However, no liability is accepted for this.

4. Copyright

The copyright for texts, pictures and other media that a user can upload to iSurf Social remains with the user. A transfer to the operator of the server does not take place.

Should a user knowingly or unknowingly infringe valid copyright, this should be pointed out. Corresponding contact data can be requested from the operator.

5. Privacy and data security

It is important for the operator to protect the users' data. No data will be evaluated by the operator or disclosed to third parties unless the transfer is legally enforced. In such a case, the following data can be passed on:

* User name
* E-mail address
* IP address and time of last login

For data that is sent to other Friendica nodes or to external services such as Twitter, the operator can not make any statements. Here the data protection regulations of the respective platform are to be considered.

In order to achieve safe and trouble-free operation, server logs (log files) are created automatically. These are typically deleted after thirty, but at the latest after ninety days. In addition, the operator regularly backs up applications, files, and the database to protect users against data loss. These are typically deleted after six months.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, not even Friendica. Therefore, the operator can not rule out that data can be tapped by security vulnerabilities and attacks on the systems. In case of data loss, the operator will inform the users.

These Terms of Use are based on a google translation of's ToS, which in turn are based on the template of the Geraspora Team, which has been released under the CC-BY license.

Privacy Statement

At the time of registration, and for providing communications between the user account and their contacts, the user has to provide a display name (pen name), a username (nickname) and a working email address. The names will be accessible on the profile page of the account by any visitor of the page, even if other profile details are not displayed. The email address will only be used to send the user notifications about interactions, but won’t be visibly displayed. The listing of an account in the node's user directory or the global user directory is optional and can be controlled in the user settings, it is not necessary for communication.

This information is required for communication and is passed on to the nodes of the communication partners and is stored there. Users can enter additional personal information that may be transmitted to the communication partner's accounts.

At any point in time a logged in user can export their account data from the account settings. If the user wants to delete their account they can do so at The deletion of the account will be permanent. Deletion of the data will also be requested from the nodes of the communication partners.