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White House concedes Trump's economic promises come with fine print

Trump said the Republican tax breaks would create strong economic growth for many years. Now, the White House is quietly adding some fine print to the promise.

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copy pasted from NYT article (click thru for more detailed information):

The Mueller Report Is Highly Anticipated.
Here’s What We Already Know

After more than two years of criminal indictments and steady revelations about contacts between associates of Donald J. Trump and Russia, we already know a lot about the work done by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Here are the main findings and lines of inquiry and the people involved in each.

The investigation has revealed a range of events
related to Russian interference and the 2016 election.

Russian Hacking and WikiLeaks
As part of a complex effort to sabotage the campaign of Hillary Clinton, Donald J. Trump’s 2016 rival, Russia’s top military intelligence service hacked the computer networks of Democratic organizati... show more

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Steve King does himself no favors with civil war speculation

It's a problem when a sitting federal lawmaker publicly speculates about a violent confrontation pitting half the United States against the other.

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Fundraising cranks up as Democratic primary campaigns get in gear

Rachel Maddow looks at impressive early fundraising totals for several Democratic presidential candidates, and notes that, taken together, a lot of money...

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Investigations multiply as Trump scandals spiral wider

Rachel Maddow looks at how investigations into Donald Trump business practices and ties to Russia have spun out new investigations of people and...

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Despite defaults, Deutsche Bank kept loaning to Trump: NYT

David Enrich, finance editor for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about his extensive reporting on the relationship between Donald Trump and...

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White House chief of staff conveniently overlooks Trump's Muslim ban

Asked about Trump's Islamophobia, his chief of staff said we should look past his words and focus on his actions. Does that include Trump's Muslim ban?


How to Celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg's 86th Birthday (Today, March 15!) - with Exercise!

Article by Jessica Gresko ... show more

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House unanimously passes measure calling for Mueller report's release

If Robert Mueller prepares a report on his findings, would it be released to the public? Evidently, the Democratic-led House has an opinion on the matter.

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Bloody stupid guns


Even the NRA leadership is recognizing that their NRATV "propaganda" channel is full of shit.

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Republicans Get The Biggest Fine In History For Foreign Interference In An Election (and the FEC is just getting started)


Damn you need Flash to watch MSNBC according to the link :(. What was the juicy bits that made it share-worthy tonight?

Most of her shows are share worthy ;) She has a Youtube channel where you can see it.

The juicy bits are the "Closer Look At Manafort Lie Raises New Questions About Trump PAC | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

I should probably post the YT from here forward. This was a reshare from her RSS feed which I added to my contacts in Friendica.

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American voters regardless of party need to stand united against the GOP. Make the phone calls, send the faxes, visit the offices in person, flood social media, support organized orderly protests, vote against the GOP.


What's the list of principles or the platform of a Progressive today?

!Progressive Refuge As somebody who didn't care about politics more than who won the #POTUS till when Clinton was first running, and was a "dickish" republican till Bush Jr. was running, and was an apathetic unaffiliated till Obama ran, and now think I'm a #Liberal (aka: #Progressive?) #Democrat, I am wondering what it is to be a "Progressive Democrat".

PM is working now :)

I have not seen anything regarding takeout imports into the Fediverse as of yet. But the person to ask is @Doc Edward Morbius I do know it is possible to use your google takeout to move the data to a blog or site. Set an RSS for the blog or site then add the RSS as a contact in Friendica. Then anything posted will appear in your network via RSS.
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