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VWBPE 2019 Immersive Experiences Start March 24th!

The 2019 VWBPE Immersive Experiences showcase unique and interesting work being conducted across the metaverse. We invite you to join us as we explore 16 interactive and engaging locations across 5 virtual environments. Details and access instructions for the experiences are found at

Virtual World fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders 3/23/19-3/24/19 at events

All weekend on the 23rd and 24th - all live perfomers and dj's with a special presentation from Eldovar and from United Federation Starfleet role players! Check out the schedule below...


Come join us at Keng Skate on 3/27/19 to 70's sounds! Get your best 70's outfit on and enter the contest for G$500 :) city

Click the Keng Skate sign to teleport in!


Live Club R&B Funk tonite in Club Chocolate next 2.5 hours! city

Join us for club R&B hits with a little bit of funk! When you get to the region, click Club Chocolate on the teleport board. See you there!


I don’t understand why this festival was called so. In a country surrounded by brick walls and borders of "language misunderstanding" with the rest of the world.
It would be better suited the name "InsideTheBorders."

The festival is a virtual world event where users from all over the world attend to raise money for the international non-profit.

To raise money - then it explains everything. From this it was necessary to begin. Then i would not have questions.

Sold my beloved Saab Convertible today. Surprisingly enough, it was a no-hassle process and the check is in the bank.


@Shelenn Ayres oh, that's definitely a big plus! Also curious, how close to blue book value did they give you for it?

mid range kbb trade value

@Shelenn Ayres - Thanks for the review! Thankfully, we have a CarMax close by, so our last few have been through them. I'm close to being in the market for a new car, so I might look to see what they offer. My largest plus with CarMax is the MaxCare- I've seen some people talk negatively about it, but it's only a few bucks more a month, and it has saved me close to $5000 so far on two different cars. It's one case where I'm actually of the opinion that the extended warranty has been worth it. But I do see that CarMax has had some pressure put on it by these services; our local CarMax is pretty much staffed with a skeleton staff now.

I've never dealt with buying from Carmax but selling to them was not a nice experience. LOL They will have to offer competitive service to Carvana to stay in business. Because of the sell experience with Carvana, when I am in the market to buy, they will be present in my mind.

Facebook (FB) stock has been downgraded following a series of back-to-back blows to the company, including an executive exodus in more recent months.

In a note published on Monday, Needham & Company downgraded the social network’s stock from a “Buy” to a “Hold” due to a number of factors, including the departures of 11 executives such as Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s push towards a more private Facebook, the uploading and live streaming of “horrific images” such as the New Zealand mass shootings, and regulatory concerns.

“Together, we believe these risks are causing a ‘Negative Network Effect’, as evidenced by senior management departures,” analysts Laura Martin and Dan Medina wrote, referring to, in this case, the negative impact each additional Facebook user potentially brings to the social network to potentially sway other users.

Facebook’s core value as a platform stems from the 2.3 billion monthly users it’s accrued since Zuckerberg founded the so... show more

While I do test other centralized solutions it is only to see if they are willing to federate ;) Friendica is already better than FB and G+ but for users who like other sites like youme and openbook it would make sense to federate so we all stay connected.
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Nun,… ich konnte beobachten, es ist wahrscheinlich nicht möglich, etwas Gemeinsames zu machen beziehungsweise auf einen Zusammenschluss zu hoffen, liebe @Shelenn Ayres ...
Wie wir sehen konnten, rennen viele, einfach unüberlegt nur einer ausgeklügelten Werbestrategie hinterher, die einen bequemen Ort verspricht.
Sind erst einmal einige dort gelandet, folgen viele, die sich keinerlei Gedanken machen wollen.
Denn ein ummauerter Garten, der mit vollkommener Sicherheit lockt [und das, wo wir doch alle wissen sollten, dass es eine derartige Sicherheit nicht gibt!], ist für viele unwiderstehlich!!
Die Argumente [ob die nun Richtig oder Falsch sind, ist mir nicht klar!], Tim Berners-Lee würde den Garten unterstützen, machen den Garten noch attraktiver, für einige unentschiedene/unentschlossene Leute.

Ein paar probieren vielleicht 500px, Twitter und andere Dinge/Orte…
Ich sprang nach Flickr, weil es für Foto und Kunst... show more

This is very true @Andi Droid but then there are others who like me have a presence in multiple places. The good thing with Friendica is the large places like Twitter and Blogger integrate easily even if not using federated protocols. Anything is possible ;)


Myspace loses all content uploaded before 2016

Faulty server migration blamed for mass deletion of songs, photos and video

Myspace, the once-mighty social network, has lost every single piece of content uploaded to its site before 2016, including millions of songs, photos and videos with no other home on the internet.

The company is blaming a faulty server migration for the mass deletion, which appears to have happened more than a year ago, when the first reports appeared of users unable to access older content. The company has confirmed to online archivists that the music has been lost permanently, dashing hopes that a back-up could be used to permanently protect the collection for future generations.


I switched to DuckDuckGo about 6 months ago for my desktop as well as my smartphone. I still have to use Google for a few searches and also their map but DuckDuckGo is my default search engine.

I switched to DuckDuckGo about 6 months ago for my desktop as well as my smartphone. I still have to use Google for a few searches and also their map but DuckDuckGo is my default search engine.

@Doc Edward Morbius the efforts have been revealed at the tech news level :) Plexodus is cited in this article.

On #StPatricksDay we remember the #women who played an important role in #Ireland's Independence War.
In 1914, the primary female Nationalist group that would fight in the Independence #War, Cumann na mBan, was launched as an affiliate of the Irish Volunteers. #WomensHistoryMonth

Oh nice!!

tota11y - an accessibility visualization toolkit
tota11y helps visualize how your site performs with assistive technologies. Check out the announcement blog post.

The process of testing for accessibility (a11y) is often tedious and confusing. In many cases, developers must have some prior accessibility knowledge in order to make sense of the results.

Instead, tota11y aims to reduce this barrier of entry by helping visualize accessibility violations (and successes), while educating on best practices.

At the bottom of the page is a "installation" section, where you can drag and drop a bookmarklet into you bookmarks to check every site you are visiting.
#barrierefreiheit #barrierefrei #accessibility #webdesign #theme #theming


User Verified Fake News Moderation System Idea

I suggest (for the tech gurus out there) developing and implementing the following open source user run fake news moderation system (as a module or addon):

Add a user verified fact check flag (not the same as the reporting option) with three states: opinion, submitted for fact check, user verified. The default state is opinion on all posts.

Any user can publicly flag a post to be fact checked but that user must also provide the fact check as a comment. (Simply flagging is insufficient since one must be a part of the solution to not be a part of the problem.)

The original post is then automatically moved to a fact check team moderator account so it is seen by all users that follow it as members of a "fact check team". (Comments are disabled when the flag is set for fact check and the original post cannot be liked, disliked, or shared while in this account being "moderated" over the course of ten business days.)

Fact check team members can like or dislike the fact check comment to "vote" in support of the fact check or not.

The original poster is... show more
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@Shelenn Ayres you again ignored my questions, very sorry.

You invite to criticism and ideas, i fulfilled your request.

So in result i offended you with this. Sorry for that.

But this is not a constructive discussion, it is some kind of emotion.

I don't really have time for this, but Ivan, I believe initially you were asking Shelenn to perform a service with a system that does not yet exist.
Can i ask you for an experiment to do fact-check for...

And to perform the non-existent service on content that has been widely debunked for a long time now.

Your dialogue on this thread doesn't seem to have an attitude of productive collaboration. I could be wrong.

People can produce their own proof of Russell's Teapot very rapidly in this modern age of Photoshop. Unverifiable claims are fictional on their face. e.g. you can open any physics book and reproduce the experiments yourself to verify them, but claims in holy books cannot be reproduced so they are unverifiable.

I have a couple of final thoughts on this topic. It is a noble aspiration to try and vet topics and information but I just can't see any hope of this working. When you sort through lazy journalism, intent of vested interests and then lack of expertise by people in a certain topic it becomes a giant rabbit hole where most people don't want to go. Then add the hypnotising power of dogma, interpretation of events or data, media and special interest groups. The resulting consensus is not what I would find palatable at all and I would not accept it.

Appreciate your thoughts. I do think you might be overthinking it since the vast majority of posts will not be submitted for fact checking. I do think we should add another result though based your inputs. Rather than simply is it true or is it fake news. We will have to include opinion because sometimes articles are simply that - opinion and not fact. So it can be reverted to opinion if the team determines it is neither fact nore fake news. This covers the lazy journalism and people attempting to game the system.


Woohoo! team #Friendica is amazing!!!

Unrelated but I found it odd that the language addon filtered this as French... does it consider the girl in the red dress to be French? j/k :P

You should configure the language filter add-on's 'minimum length of message body' to at least 100, better 200 characters. Also, the girl is obviously Spanish. :-)

@Di Cleverly you might find this interesting from an admin perspective. Here are some definitions for people who don't understand what the term "hate speech" means:

"hate speech
abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation."

"Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or a group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity."

"Hate speech is a communication that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group, especially in circumstances in which the communication is likely to provoke violence. It is an incitement to hatred primarily against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and the like. Hate speech can be any form of expression regarded as offensive to racia... show more

The server is based in Spain. We use the Spanish legal definition of hate speech.

It wasn't a criticism :) just a general informative post to the public.

I know! I was adding to the information. Its great information!

Who remembers BBS, logging in with a win3.1 PC to the academic VAX while running a terminal emulator with a 300 baud modem, then playing chess or D&D on the ARPANET?

Share your story :)
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Thanks...I was in one of those moods...a rat has moved in under my house and I needed a lift of spirit