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Torben Asp is on stage at 12pm today so come on out for his very unique show of beautiful music and particles. Charlie
At 12pm today right after Russell Eponym's show we have another one of our outstanding musicians, Torben Asp performing his self composed music and particle show. Certainly a treat for the eyes and ears, you will be amazed at Torben's artistry! Charlie


One of the subjects that interest me is, "Pole Shift." I do not know how accurate these 'backwards projections' are. But, they do show that my location, in the distant past was Equatorial... Thank you for posting this @Shelenn Ayres :-)

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Whoa interesting stuff!

Soon, astronauts won’t be the only crew members aboard the International Space Station. Astrobee, a free-flying robot 🤖, will head to our orbiting laboratory to assist the crew with everything from housekeeping to maintenance. Find out more in the latest episode of #SpaceToGround:

Unethical design and what it means for privacy:

Please take some time today to make a commitment to gun safety reform and remember those we've lost to gun violence.

Wow, wonder if this can be 3D printed...


By Masayo Fukuda.

Kirigami, the traditional Japanese art form, involves cutting intricate forms from a single sheet of white paper and then contrasting it against a black background to reveal the design.

#Art #Kirigami #Paper #Octopus

When you’re living and working aboard the International Space Station on #ValentinesDay, flower delivery options are slim to none! An astronaut tackled this challenge in 2016 by growing zinnias to create the first-ever floral arrangement in space. Seeds from the flowers grown in our orbiting laboratory have germinated into more than 40 space zinnias that are now growing at Kennedy Space Center. More:

#OBR #OneBillionRising !
"Break the Chain" Lyrics
Lyrics by Tena Clark
Music by Tena Clark/Tim Heintz

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Tonight's stream url until 10 pm EST

Come join us for the live session from 8-10 pm EST in Club Chocolate! city

Click Club Chocolate on the teleport board if you don't have a landmark :)

Then stay with us for the party train with Caesar Wright from 10-midnight!

3, 2, 1, FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥

LIVE NOW: Join us as we fire up one of the engines that will power our Space Launch System rocket into space. Watch today's test of an RS-25 engine at our John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi:

Today, we're saying #ThanksOppy as the Mars rover's mission comes to an end. Here are six things to know about our record-breaking, discovery-making, marathon-driving rover, which found that ancient Mars was awash in water... and a selection of the best images it sent back to Earth:

The engineering achievement is spectacular and inspirational.

One of the speakers in today's presentation referred to the 5000 charge-discharge cycles of the batteries and how that compares favourably with the batteries in modern smart phones. That really brought home to me what a durable little bugger Opportunity was! It was great, too, how when faced with a big problem, like getting stuck in a dune, perseverance and will to win got them through the problem.

I take my hat off to all the engineers that made this project such a wonderful and uplifting success!

Very cool.

I watched the today's presentation from the NASA JPL.

My question to the NASA team is:
The eventual end of the Opportunity rover has been attributed to obscuration of the solar cells by dust from storms at the Martian surface. There was also some discussion about the probability of such dust storms occurring in the future. In view of these facts, have generic rover design decisions been taken to ameliorate the adverse effects caused by exposure of future rovers to storms?